Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas(SMSL) Press release on 1st September 2011

Resolve the Lynas Issue before the Next Election.

1. SMSL wishes the "Merdeka" spirit will be a guide to our nation in resolving the Lynas issue. "Merdeka" means not only the formal expulsion of colonial rulers, but more importantly, that people are the master of their own destiny and the boss of the government. "Merdeka" will be meaningless if the people's destiny is dictated not by themselves, but by some foreign companies.

2. SMSL reiterates that the public - the residents of Greater Kuantan - Kemaman area in particular - must have the final say in the decision on LAMP. They can consider the position and recommendations of various experts, but these experts, who do not stay around the Lynas plant, cannot make decision for the locals who have been staying there for generations. Similarly, the politicians and bureaucrats who live far away cannot decide for the locals. As PM Najib said at the beginning of his term, the era of the ‘government knows best’ mentality is over.

3. SMSL believes that across ethnic, religious and economic lines, a consensus has emerged in the Greater Kuantan-Kemaman area. They want the Lynas plant to be stopped unconditionally. The presence of the Lynas plant has already damaged the property market. Its operation will surely kill tourism, bird nest, fishing, hotel, downstream cottage food industries and future investments in Kuantan and Kemaman. No amount of expert assurance can reverse this negative economic repercussions on Kuantan's economy..

4. SMSL calls for a permanent solution for the Lynas plant before the next election. It also calls upon all eligible citizens in Pahang to register themselves as voters so that their aspiration to live in a healthy and hazard free environment will not be ignored. While the SMSL  WA delegation will bring the cause to the Australian soil in Perth and Fremantle from 2nd -10th Sept 2011, other supporters of SMSL will continue their outreach work to other parts of Pahang and elsewhere.

5. SMSL demands for the disclosure of all agreements, formal or informal, between the Federal Government, the State Government and the Lynas on the LAMP project. The public deserves to know how much the Malaysian authorities may have to compensate the Lynas company if the project is cancelled.

6. SMSL will pursue its legal recourse locally and abroad to seek court actions to Stop Lynas. As such, the expert panel will be set up to justify our legal actions based on adverse environmental, economic, health and long terms effects from LAMP ‘s  toxic and radioactive pollution.

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