Tuesday, 6 September 2011

陈文德:阻止稀土提炼厂作业 拯救大马委会今访澳


Save Malaysia Committee delegation, led by the Chairman, will embark on  a 9-day tour, starting tommorrow, to Perth Australia with the main agenda  to prevent the rare-earth materials from exporting via Fremantle port to Gebeng, Kuantan.
According to SMSL Chairman, Tan Bun Teet, a permanent solution must be found  before the next election, to prevent Lynas rare earths refinery from operating in Gebeng.
Funded by the proceeds of sale of t-shirts and public donation, Tan explained, although he cannot promise a definite victory from this trip, he and his team will try their utmost best to present the case in Australia. He also urged all eligible citizens to register as voters. “Do not ignore a citizen’s rights. People’s power will  play a crucial part in saying NO to Lynas when the next General Election come “
" If the fate of the people is being dictated by  several foreign companies, then, independence loses its original significance.”
In addition, he pointed out that, in the interests of the people, alliances with other groups are not excluded. A  joint appeal would also be possible. After all, working in solidarity will be more effective than working individually.
"At present, there are no formal engagement or any plan. We are prepared to work with any organisation that has an issue with the livelihood of people in the area.”
 Tan also commented, he cannot interpret Malaysian Chinese Association Kuantan District Chairman Dato Ti Lian Ker’s position on this rare earth refinery factory. In his view, politician can change their stand at any time.
On the independent expert panel set up progress, Tan revealed it is at the stage of identifying the experts  and set the scope of its research . There is no date line set on it. The most important thing is to complete the process. In addition, he also noted that investment and the economy such as tourism, bird's nest industry, fisheries, and the lower reaches of the catering industry would be greatly affected by the rare earth refinery plant.
He said the Organization will stop Lynas through judicial means.

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