Wednesday, 16 May 2018
MPs want new PSC to probe Lynas


Thursday, 17 May 2018

by ong han sean

Controversial plant: While the MPs claim that a review of Lynas’ safety issues is necessary, they also note that the Government cannot just shut down the plant, as regulations must be followed.

KUANTAN: Two Pakatan Harapan MPs involved in the anti-Lynas movement will push for the setting up of a new parliamentary select committee (PSC) to reopen investigations into the Lynas rare earth refinery here.

Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh said the parameters of the new PSC’s review of the Lynas Advanced Material Plant (LAMP) would have to be redefined, claiming that the previous definition of safety had been skewed towards the narrative that supported Lynas.

“It had always been about radiation before this while waste management was never mentioned.

“They were completely silent on that,” she said here yesterday.

Fuziah added that the previous PSC also did not include the views from opposition MPs.

She said a new committee should be formed to seek opinions from experts and civil society groups.

Bentong MP Wong Tack claimed the previous PSC’s purpose was just to legitimise Lynas’ operations.

“The new PSC will take into consideration the views of stakeholders. We have to be proper and transparent this time,” he said.

Fuziah said the new PSC could only be set up once Parliament reconvenes.

In the meantime, other options are to initiate a caucus or a ministerial committee once the related minister is appointed, she added.

In 2012, the PSC concluded in its report that Lynas should be awarded a temporary operating licence (TOL) after finding that it met the stipulated requirements.

Fuziah also said the Pakatan government could not simply freeze operations at Lynas or shut it down immediately as regulations have to be followed.

“We can only ask to declassify whatever documents we have not seen before this. There are procedures we have to follow,” she added.

Wong said the Government should not go to the extreme when dealing with the matter.

He also said the views of experts would be sought in their review of Lynas’ operations and licensing.

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