Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Rakyat has spoken out on Lynas issue on KL#112

Press statement of Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL)
Government has yet to wake up to #KL112 on Lynas
16th January 2013

SMSL is appalled by the on-going insincere public statements from the government on Lynas. Last night Dato’ Seri Mustapha Bin Mohamed, Minister Of International Trade And Industry (MITI) claimed that the plant is safe scientifically and promised to scrutinise the plant and to revoke Lynas’ licence if it is unsafe.

Mr Tan Bun Teet from SMSL said “If the Government is genuinely serious and sincere about safety, take away Lynas’ temporary operating licence (ToL) NOW. How can any responsible Government issue the ToL when Lynas has YET to find a scientifically safe solution to its millions of TONNES of radioactive and toxic waste and when no detailed environmental impact assessment is carried out for a such a notoriously polluting world-scale project!”

“We are tired of this Government and its empty promises. Unless the Lynas TOL is revoked and the entire project re-evaluated with an independent detailed environmental impact assessment done, tax payers and concerned citizens will definitely vote for a change in Government. Enough is enough.” Said Haji Ismail Abu Bakar, another spokesperson from SMSL.

Last Saturday citizens all over the country overwhelmingly turned out at the peaceful mass rally in Kuala Lumpur(#KL112 - The People's Uprising Rally dated Jan 12, 2013)
asking for a change in government. Amongst many who turned up are citizens campaigning for the Lynas project to be stopped.

Mr Tan explained, “Lynas will not be able to remove the radioactive waste from Malaysia. The Australian Government has reiterated many times it will NOT take Lynas’ radioactive waste back. The Basel Convention prevents hazardous waste to be sent and/or dumped in a poor developing country.”

The Lynas rare earth processing project is currently undergoing trials to produce rare earth oxides from its ore concentrate from its Western Australian Mt Weld mine.

Ram Punusamy, a Kuantan resident and a Stop Lynas protestor said, “Seriously, which country will be foolish enough to take Lynas’ radioactive toxic waste? Stop fooling us that the radioactive waste will be taken out of Malaysia! Lynas has no way of doing that and we do not want Lynas’ toxic waste turned into commercial products that will end up in our roads, our plantations, orchards and vegetable farms, least of all in our bedrooms, our offices, our work places and our homes!”

SMSL vowed to continue its legal battle to revoke the Lynas TOL to protect Kuantan and the country from the risk and hazards of Lynas’ toxic waste and pollution despite its earlier failed appeal at the federal court of appeal in Putrajaya. Three Kuantan residents were ordered to pay RM10,000 to Lynas and the Government for costs.

Mr Tan Bun Teet, an applicant to revoke the TOL and a spokesperson for SMSL says “We have three judicial review cases pending. We will be armed with strong technical and scientific evidence for these cases. We will FIGHT till the end to Stop Lynas!”

Haji Ismail Abu Bakar, one of the other applicants to revoke the ToL comments, “We have no choice. Kuantan is our home. We have to do everything possible to Stop Lynas”

Lynas has proposed to turn its radioactive waste contaminated with other toxic substances such as chemical compounds and heavy metals into commercial by-products. This will result in its hazards spreading far and wide subjecting more innocent public to health risks and threatening local property value. This kind of practice is illegal in most advanced nations.

“Why should Malaysians be subject to such risks from Lynas? We pay taxes to keep our country going. A foreign company like Lynas that pays no tax should NEVER be allowed to pollute our shore to risk citizens life and future. Once again I call on concerned residents and citizens to stand together with us to do something to protect your family, investment and your future in Kuantan and in Malaysia. The government has failed in its duty of care to protect you. The choice is now in your hands to do something to reclaim your safe space here in this country.” Mr Tan appeals to supporters of the Stop Lynas campaign.

The application for a judicial review case will be heard in court on 29th January 2013.

For further comments, please contact SMSL hotline 012 982 3302


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