Thursday, 31 January 2013


Qoute from SMSL Chairperson, Mr. Tan Bun Teet

The JR hearing scheduled for the 5th Feb is now off!

We have filed for the judge to be recused and also an application for the Mosti Minister to be summoned to court for cross examination by our counsel.

These two have to be disposed off before the hearing of JR can proceed.

One of the reasons why we filed for the recusal is because she ruled on last Tuesday's application on the ground that the 7 applicants did not appeal to the Minister first before coming to court for leave.

I am one of the 5 applicants who had not gone thru the minister's hearing and if this is to be the criteria in use in her future judgement, I and the other two applicants will be barred from proceeding ANY further!


  1. Anti Lynas supporters are now receiving world wide attention with their threat to torch the Lynas plant. Is this what happens in a democracy like malaysia? I think they have now shown their true agenda and that is terrorism.

  2. SMSL, a bunch of vexatious, lying, ego maniacs, eco terrorists.

    They have made it clear that they are more interested in political aspirations than any form of sustainability or environmental cause.

    Rare earths are for a sustainable future, but SMSL have their heads in the sand and are products of the Malaysian education system and years of accepted business corruption.

  3. If you really like malaysia just watch this video.

    I think, it is time now to stop the fight. It is so useless ...

    If we want to be proud of malaysia and if we want our economy to grow and give us jobs, we have to accept the fact that Lynas will do good for the whole country.

  4. Maybe all Malysians should read this:

    By a Malaysian student, he is the real future of Malaysia. Not an ignorant maths teacher or lying fuziah black witch.

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