Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Oliver Peter Curtis charged with conspiracy to commit insider trading


Socialite may face jail over insider trading charges

THE Sydney socialite Oliver Peter Curtis was charged on Tuesday with conspiracy to commit insider trading, two years after his former best friend John Hartman pleaded guilty to insider trading offences that led to a prison sentence.

The charges relate to an alleged agreement between the two where Mr Curtis allegedly traded on the basis of inside information Hartman possessed about the trading intentions of his employer, Orion Asset Management.

According to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, in return for providing the insider information, it is alleged Mr Curtis provided Hartman with a share of the profits in the form of cash and ''by using the funds to purchase items for Mr Hartman''.

Mr Curtis is the son of the Sydney businessman Nick Curtis, a founder of Sino Resources and the executive chairman of the rare earths miner Lynas Corp.

Mr Curtis works with his father at a corporate advisory firm, Riverstone Advisory.

Hartman, the son of the prominent Sydney obstetrician Keith Hartman, was sentenced to three years' jail after pleading guilty to related, and unrelated, insider trading offences in April 2010.


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