Saturday, 26 January 2013

Judicial Review Hearing on 29/01/13(8.30am) at Kuantan High Court

Anti-Lynas Judicial Review

A total of 7 citizens from 3 major ethnics of Kuantan have filed for a Judicial Review on the decision of Atomic & Energy Licensing Board (AELB) on the issuance of a Temporary Operating License(TOL) on 18 Dec 2012. The Kuantan High Court extended the hearing date to 29 Jan 2013, to allow the respondent parties to present affidavits.

We appeal for everyone to be at the Kuantan High Court on the 29 Jan(Tue) 8.30am to show support and to let Lynas know that we will fight until the end for a better Malaysia.

<反莱纳斯司法行动> 7名來自3大族群的關丹市民於12月18日入稟關丹高庭,申請司法審核原子能執照局頒發臨時運營執照(TOL)的決定,高庭宣判把案件展延至1月29日,以讓答辯雙方提呈宣誓書。



  1. This application for Judicial Review serves no good purpose for Malaysians.

    Lynas is operating under the conditions of the TOL and has already implemented additional safety measures.

    Lynas will provide a truly great opporunity for Malaysia in giving it the ability to create manufacturing based on Lynas end products for use in environmental protection, digital technology & energy efficiency.

    So rather than fight against Lynas you should be supporting Lynas and the future of high-tech manufacturing in Malaysia.

    SMSL needs to put an end to this pointless campaign against Lynas!

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