Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Update on the Ministerial hearing and Lynas’ Gag Action

Press statement of Save Malaysia Stop Lynas Sdr Bhd (SMSL)
Update on the Ministerial hearing and Lynas’ Gag Action
29th May, 2012

SMSL seeks the right of reply to the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) response to an earlier letter from Minister Dr. Maximus Ongkili. The Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation heard an appeal against the licence approval granted by the AELB for Lynas for its rare earth refinery plant by three Kuantan residents in the
presence of their lawyers and experts on 17th of April last month.

Mr Tan Bun Teet, a Kuantan resident and the spokesperson for SMSL said, “In his letter to the AELB which SMSL has been copied to, the Honourable Minister described certain issues raised to be ‘obviously relevant, pertinent and important’. This is the first time ever a senior Minister has acknowledged our concerns.”

The Minister has given the AELB until the end of May to respond. After that the Minister will decide on the appeal and until then Lynas will not be issued the licences required to fire up the plant. The AELB has so far failed in its duty of care to adhere to its commitments to the recommendations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which reviewed the Lynas construction phase last June.

The AELB went ahead to approve Lynas’ application for a temporary operating licence, an import licence and a licence to dump its waste even though no permanent radioactive waste disposal facility is insight as yet. Further, the plant has several outstanding issues which the Government should seriously looked into. Rare earth processing is one of the most hazardous and polluting industry and yet the AELB has fast tracked the project without giving due considerations for the workers, the natural environment and the long-term impact on the greater Kuantan – both ecologically, economically and socially. This approval process is irresponsible and risky.

SMSL should be given the right to respond to the AELB’s reply to the Minister. SMSL have conveyed this message to the Honourable Minister through its solicitors earlier.

“On behalf of concerned residents of greater Kuantan, we urge the Honourable Minister not to make any decision until we are given the democratic space and the right to comment on the AELB’s reply. This is a fair and just ask by a citizens group.” Mr Tan remarked.

Should the Honourable Minister failed in its duty of care like the AELB, SMSL will be left with little choice but to take the next course of action to stop the risky Lynas rare earth project from operating.

Mr Tan continued, “we have promised the people of Balok, Gebeng and the surrounding coastal areas, the people of Kuantan as well as all concerned citizens of Malaysia who have lent their generous support for SMSL that we shall do whatever it takes to stop this project!”

Meanwhile, Lynas had once again filed defamatory proceeding in the KL High Court to gag SMSL. The matter will be heard in court next month on the 19th June. SMSL team and the lawyers have been working day and night to prepare a strong case. With the support of some of the best expert witnesses, we shall meet Lynas head-on to counter every one of their charges in court that day!

Supporters have donated to the chartering of buses to ferry our supporters to the KL high court to attend the hearing. We call on all concerned citizens of greater Kuantan to give moral support by joining us on this important journey for justice.

Bus depart : 5.00 am, June 19th.

Contact : Ms. Soon immediately. HP: 012 989 0687 to book your space.

At the same time, we are pursuing legal action in Australia. We hope to stall and delay Lynas’ plan to import its rare earth concentrate from its Mt weld mine in Western Australia (WA). Our friend and ally the Anti-Nuclear Alliance of WA (ANAWA) is currently waiting for the appropriate barrister’s advice to proceed with a court action. A major corporate law firm has also come on board to provide low-cost legal service to SMSL to pursue Lynas from Australia. SMSL will provide update as progress is made on those fronts.

“We have said that we will not leave any stone unturned. Our Stop Lynas campaign will continue to intensify in the period leading up to the 13th Malaysian General Elections. If the government continues to ignore the voices of the people, we will take to the street, we will go to court and we will take up every peaceful action possible to vote against any party that wants to see Lynas remain on Malaysian shore.” Concluded Mr tan.


  1. This letter sounds like a desperate man clutching at straws.

    Let it go. The LAMP will be approved for the benefit of Malaysians.

    This plant is no more harmless than any other regulated and licensed industry already in Malaysia.

    Mr Tan must be being paid by Chinese interests or MolyCorp, investigate him now!!

    I hope you get sued by Lynas for defamation and lies.

    1. Don't talk nonsense and make childish accusation. If LAMP is so good why the Australian don't keep it in Australia and take the trouble to send the material 4000 km to Malaysia for processing?

    2. There are many reasons:
      1. Example. A worker to clean toilets in Australia at Lynas rare earth concentration plant will cost Lynas will cost AUD$50,000 (RM150,000) per year. In Malaysia a cleaner will cost RM24,000 (AUD$8000). So it is much cheaper to do this part of rare earth processing for cheaper labor.
      2. Australia does not have enough water needed for this processing. Malaysia has ample water resources for this processing.
      3. Malaysia electronics industry needs rare earth for making electronics like computers, mobile phones, lighting, batteries etc. Malaysia has much bigger electronics industry than Australia.
      4. Malaysia is central location in Asia and Asia needs rare earth material for electronics. Also Chinese companies in rare are very bad for environment. Most Chinese rare earth plant are illegal operations. Lynas is professional and they want to do everything correct.

      The LAMP is just another industry in Gebeng, there are many companies already in Gebeng Industrial Estate and many more to come. I think many Chinese companies are coming. These industries will bring much benefit to Malays and also bring better education.

      I think Lynas and is a good thing. I would be happy to work for Lynas as they are leading edge technology company. I would love to learn about rare earth and everything it is used for. Great if you are entrepreneur.

      I don't know why Tan Bun Teet still protesting, he is wasting his time. I still think he is being paid by someone outside Malaysia. He should be investigated.

      You should also stop protesting. Just make sure Lynas meets conditions of its license, that is all you need to do. If they don't do correctly then you should protest.

  2. It always amazes me how the supporters of SMSL cannot come up with any educated argument against lynas. Every anti-lynas argument I have heard goes through an argument like this:

    1. Lynas is unsafe!
    2. We might all die! Lynas is unsafe
    3. If lynas is good why dont you keep it?
    4. It is not proven to be safe!

    Can you guys seriously not come up with an educated argument? I feel that I am becoming stupid just listening to your rhetoric.

    Lynas is safe, You will not all die, and well thats all I need to answer you're argument right? Oh proof... You want proof? How about you do some research yourself instead of believing SMSL lies and fear mongering. I challenge you to do some research and listen to what educated professionals have to say then do some research and consider whether they might be biased (find more professionals) until you understand the concepts and can make an educated decision.

    And yes I do have an interest in the company. If Lynas is proven to be unsafe I will lose a lot of money so I am just as interested as you to see that the operation is safe and beneficial to the community. LAMP IS SAFE.

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