Thursday, 10 May 2012

Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) Inquiry, a Defamation Trap

Press statement of Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL)
Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) Inquiry, a Defamation Trap
May 10, 2012

SMSL walked out of today’s PSC inquiry on the refusal of the Committee to provide a written guarantee that the necessary Parliamentary privilege be granted so that the evidence given will NOT be used against SMSL for libel suit.
Mr Tan Bun Teet, a Kuantan resident and the spokesperson for SMSL said,
“As a citizen’s and civil society group, we have every right under the Malaysian constitution to protect our family, our livelihoods, our environment and our country. Yet the PSC would not even uphold the constitution to protect citizens and Malaysia’s own interest.”
“In the first place SMSL wouldn’t have bothered to take part in the PSC had not because it is necessary to clear the way for SMSL to apply to the court to withhold the three licences approved by the Government for Lynas to begin its operations.” Explained Mr Tan.
Yesterday, Lynas has filed a second application at the Kuala Lumpur High Court to seek an injunction against Mr Tan and another SMSL volunteer for alleged defamation.
SMSL is a people’s organisation consisting of a team of highly committed community volunteers backed up by strong public support from all over Malaysia and concerned citizens internationally.
SMSL has sought expert advice on the Lynas project.  It has had investigative research carried out on Lynas Corporation and its rare earth project by highly qualified independent professionals both in Malaysia, Australia and elsewhere.  SMSL’s views are based on expert advice.
“The Government’s PSC is a charade and a farce if citizens’ right to speak out in the national interest is undermined, first by Lynas and now by our own Parliament.”
Mr Tan emphasised, “All we have done is speaking out in the interests of our country and telling the truth about the Lynas rare earth project in the interest of the public and our country.”
“Our views and position are backed up by accurate and reliable data and research findings.  For the Chairman of the PSC to make a public statement claiming that the LAMP is a state-of-the art facility before the PSC inquiry is completed just goes to show how ill equipped and lacking our law makers are in tackling a complex issue like Lynas.”
“SMSL will exercise our constitutional right to seek legal recourse.  The people of Malaysia have given SMSL their mandate to challenge the approval of licenses at the high court.”
“We have support from high caliber expert witnesses ready to testify in court.  Our supporters have donated generously for us to fight on and we shall.” Concluded Mr Tan.


  1. Please SMSL. Provide your 'expert' witnesses? There is none. All the experts have said LAMP is the safest and most advanced rare earth plant in the world. Stop this ludicrous fear mongering and lies you are spreading. Save lynas - stop uneducated fools from ruining a good and reliable company with their lies.

    1. Rakyat Malaysia... just don want it.... back Australia....

    2. Wooishen, Maybe Malaysia dont want YOU !!!

    3. if it so safe y not move back to ur own country!? u have more than enough land there...

    4. We would LOVE to have Lynas in our country. Thank You.

    5. Don't just keep on saying that LAMP plant is save. A better way is to rebut every 'unsafe' points raised by SMSL. If you can't or Lynas can't, then there is no basis to say that LAMP is safe.

    6. Japan is a big consumer of rare earth and yet there is not a single rare earth treatment plant in Japan when they can accept nuclear reactor. The same is true for Europe. There is no rare earth refinery in Australia too and the Australian has to send the rare earth more than 4000km to Malaysia to be processed, why? We have better facilities? better engineers? bullshit. Malaysia is chosen because this is the only government that can approve such a project and the enforcement in this country is very loose especially to the rich and powerful.

    7. Yes, there is rare earth plant in Australia, its being built in Whyalla, South Australia. There is rare earth plant in France, in USA and also Japan has rare earth recycling plant (getting rare earth from old electronic equipment).

      Your statement proves that the people against Lynas are ignorant and dont understand. They make up lies like the one you have said.. "No other plants elsewhere" - What a lie!!

    8. KUANTAN, May 9 (Bernama) -- Foreign rare earth experts have described the Lynas Advanced Material Plant in Gebeng, Kuantan, as one of the top state-of-the-art rare earth plants in the world.

      Alastair S Neill, a leading rare earth expert from Canada, who is also Executive Vice-President of Dacha Strategic Metals, said he was impressed with Lynas Corporation''s production facility which was of world class standard.

      "I''ve seen a lot of rare earth separation plants and I would put this at the top of the list comparable with one state-of-the-art plant that I have seen in France," he told Bernama during a visit to the plant in Gebeng, Kuantan, on Tuesday.

      There's an expert for you.

    9. No, there is no rare earth plant in Australia at this moment. Arafura Resources may have planned to start construction of the plant in 2013 but the approval at this moment is contingent on a detailed environmental approval process that include comprehensive social impact and environmental impact studies and extensive consultation with local community. you can go to for the latest update. Unless the results of the impact studies are positive and the local community has not objection, the plant may not take off.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. You write the words..."AT this moment??.

      I didn't say it was completed. I said it is being built.

      AM I correct. YES.

      I just read 5 different websites, including the Arafura company website. It is planned, the land has been purchased, you must understand that you don't just start pouring concrete as part of construction, to develop a complex site, you need to do feasibility studies, EIA, ESS, community consultation, before, during and after, you need to do background monitoring, sampling testing. You need to drill holes in the ground to understand where you are building. This is all part of the planning, development and construction.

      So basically you are incorrect. The plant IS BEING BUILT IN WHYALLA. The land has been purchased by Arafura from OneSteel company. You try to pick out some fact to cling to, and you misquote what I said. IT IS BEING BUILT IS WHAT I SAID. AND IT IS!.

      Why do you LIE AGAIN. Is it genetic to lie or are you being paid to lie? or what? Please explain why you change facts to suit your position.

      Don't forget what you also said above..." THERE IS NO RARE EARTH PLANT IN EUROPE."

      Rhodia is a French company, in France. You can check their website. They process rare earth material, they have separation facility, just like Lynas.

      Why don't you apologise and say that you are wrong??

      Why don't you. Your wrong about so much Mr Kwang Yew!

      You wont admit to me, I don't care, but you need to admit to yourself.

      The most advanced countries in the world all doing rare earth separation, IN THEIR countries, USA, France, Japan, Australia. But poor Malaysia is scared to be advanced country, they like to sit under coconut tree and count bananas.

      Poor Malaysia. Bunch of monkeys.

    12. Mr. Unknown = another look in the mirror, see! I am smart type of smart ash.

      I quote you
      "The most advanced countries in the world all doing rare earth separation, IN THEIR countries, USA, France, Japan, Australia."

      Pls define "doing". Have a plan on paper is not doing.

      Australia has no refinery already in production. Period.

      If you like to refute this, then you will have to agree that I am competing with China to launch satellite into space.

      I just completed my conceptual design of the booster rocket. The satellite design is somewhere up there, but as you already know, this is all part of the planning, development and construction.

      Show us an EPA approval of Arafura, then maybe you will be allowed to continue bragging how inflated you ego is.

      Without an authority approval, even Arafura will be shameful to say they are "doing" anything.

  2. im not sure who tell lies but as a mother i dun allow my kids in any risk so better now b4 sorry. Lynas go back ur own country n do whatever u want, not in my country. Lynas r NOT welcome!!

    1. Maylaysians are smart people... Do not believe Lies from politicains- Lynas is safe.. I wish Lynas would bring there company to USA. We would take this company with open arms. Allah welcomes Lynas...

    2. Ha!Ha!Ha! Yes very sure....

  3. You see? Has it not occurred to you that it is nothing but your fear speaking? They have told you lies and you believed them and now you are scared. The truth is the chemical plants in Gebeng are far more dangerous than LAMP. If you are scared for your childs safety then get rid of the chemical plants.

    The truth of the matter is that Malaysia has STRICTER environmental rules than Australia. As well as having stricter rules LAMP is also to be run under the direction of the AELB - which is not correct as lynas does not have nuclear waste.

    Lynas has chosen to build its plant in a country with stricter rules than Australia AND comply with special nuclear waste rules that it does not need to. You think the plant is unsafe? Your logic is flawed.

    1. Hahaha Malaysia has stricter environmental rule than Australia. This is the greatest joke. A walk in any Australian city and a walk in Kuala Lumpur or have a look at any Australian restaurant and Malaysian restaurant will show that you are bullshitting.

    2. Actually, for the radiation requirements, Malaysia DOES have stricter requirementas than Australia. In Malaysia the accepted dose for radiation for public (dont forget there is background radiation all around us) is 0.3 mSv/year whereas Australia is 1mSv per year. So you are wrong again Chan Kwang Yew.

      Why are you relating Lynas operations to restaurants health guidelines?? Nothing to do with them.

      Chan Kwang Yew, do you work for MolyCorp or Chinese Government, trying to stop Lynas for your economic benefit?

      But you are correct on one issue, the health regulations in Malaysia are terrible, rats everywhere, not clean, dirty people, very unhygienic. And you complain about Lynas but not the biological threat to your health from diseases??

    3. The restaurant is just an example to show you the loose enforcement in Malaysia that is what Lynas loved and that is why Lynas has chosen Malaysia.

    4. ok, is this you admitting you are wrong?

      You say environmental regulations are not strict as Australia, I prove you wrong. I did prove this above, did I not Chan Kwang Yew?? Did I not just prove it? with evidence that you can confirm??

      I will quote you EXACTLY.....

      """Hahaha Malaysia has stricter environmental rule than Australia. This is the greatest joke."""

      So it seems Mr Chan Kwang Yew....the JOKE is you!!

      If you were a real man, you would say, I am sorry.

      You cant do this. SO this means you are Pondan.

      And your friend Ryan Albrey is also a Pondan.

    5. Good work, Unknown.
      All the way i see this conservation going, you keep attack other people that you do not even really know about them.

      You keep saying that you are true and other people are wrong. Why? Because you feel like you are God and you must be right all the time? Or because you want to attack other people and let them feel shame to continue the discussion so that you can win this discussion? haha..

      As a citizen that really cares about this issue, i remind you that we are discussing an issue, not attacking other people that have different view from us. Be open-minded when you involve in discussion.. of course, you need to be a civilized person before you know what is open-minded..

      Even if people really said wrong about something, we dont make assumption that finally turns them into Pondan or bunch of Monkeys. Once again i wonder the logic behind this. (and yet you said you always correct...)

      One last thing, you keep saying other people work for some organization and questioning their background. In fact, at least they have an profile pic and google account that we could check their detail, and you have a cool letter "B" profile picture, and a cool "Unknown" name and you have join the blogger since last month.. Now i think i should be asking, WHO are you working for??

      From educated Malaysia citizen
      (sorry, not monkey or pondan)

    6. I am correct about what I wrote. I am not attacking all people. You must not have read all my comments, I replied to Ong below in a positive way.

      Maybe you are like Chang Kwan Yew and dont read all the facts.

      So when you say you are educatd, are you using your education wisely?

      I dont work for Lynas, I am professional engineer. I have my own business. I do not consult for anyone related to rare earth seperation industry and have no contacts. I am experienced in workplace health and safety as well. I only started replying to this and other blogs after reading such nonsense portrayed by some ignorant few. Have you seen the Percepsion program with Fuziah?? It is utter rubbish. After I saw that interview I felt it fair to help the Malaysian people but correcting the information so it was truthful.

      You have only attacked me but have not tried (because you cannot) to support your claims like I have. I have only attacked 1 person here, because he is an idiot (Mr Yew the Fool). His writing is full of lies and bias. And when he is wring he doesnt know how to apologise. He is an embarressment.

      I have attacked Ryan Albrey because he is an idiot, a liar, biased and is self-important.

      I do not apologise for any commment as all my comments are both literally and figuratively correct.

  4. If Mr Tan has evidence that is truthful against Lynas why does he need parliamentary protection from Libel laws. If it is the truth tell us but if it is lies bear the consequences. Lynas plant is a chemical plant NOT A NUCLEAR REACTOR and residents have nothing to fear but everything to gain. Stop this anti Lynas nonsense and put your efforts into something constructive for Malaysia

  5. Stop the corrupt politicians like Fuziah Salleh from spreading lies. She is a nobody but spreads lies about Lynas to become popular and win votes. Does malaysia want to replace the government with another corrupt government? The worlds best experts have said LAMP is safe and still Fuziah makes lies with her friends to become popular.

  6. "LAMP is safest in the world". base on what?
    1. Is he expert or knowledge in the rare earth field? He only hear the lynas people said.
    2. Does he investigate other rare earth plant around the world? How he claim it is safest?
    3. Does he point that others rare earth plant around the world are not safe enough? Which part of other factory are not safe?
    4. PSC is not yet complete the investigation, he already make the conclusion. He is not independence and neutral stand, bias to lynas.
    5. Last year Lynas shows TV3 the low gamma radiation of re-concentrated rare earth. However, I observe the photo, measurement method is wrong. the rare earth is packed and from some distance. the packing material may be blocked the reading. Why lynas do like that, surely they want to hide it from public.
    6. Can he explain all issues pointed from NGO and public about safety problems in lynas.
    7. No plant is z0re risk. Public people in malaysia are not accept it, the corrupted politicians still want it be built and operated. In democracy, should respect majority.

    1. You will get more radiation from your mobile phone than Lynas will produce. Think of Malaysia's future give your children jobs in the new green world that is coming but remember to build the new green world you need Lynas

    2. Lynas will go ahead. It complies with AELB regulations, the government regulations and the environmental regulations of Australia and Malaysia. Last week Malaysia held a Rare Earth Symposium with the top rare earth experts in the world organised by the Academy of Sciences Malaysia. The worlds top experts were invited to discuss safety and dealing with rare earths.

      Where Was Fuziah Salleh? Where was Mr Wong Tack? Where was YB Che Rosli Che Mat? Where was Mr. Pook Ah Lek?

      They have the opportunity to discuss their concerns with the best in the world - Where were they? If they will not discuss with professionals then their opinion is worthless. If you cut off your leg who do you call - Fuziah Salleh? No you call the ambulance and doctors because they are experts. If you have a real concern you should talk to the experts and this is something SMSL does not do because they know everything they say is a lie.

      Are you an expert to say that it is not correct to measure rare earths throgh plastic?

      The Academy of Science Malaysia is behind the LAMP project. The government is behind the LAMP project. The worlds top experts were impressed and said LAMP is the best in the world. The AELB says LAMP complies. And in a few weeks the PSC will say LAMP is safe.

      You are the cause of this fraud and lies about Lynas. If everybody else in the world says something is safe - and you are the only one in the world who says it is unsafe - that makes YOU crazy.

  7. tan but teet and fuziah work for CHINA...

  8. Lynas is safe.. The world knows this and is watching.. Malaysia will not get any other large companies because of these lies that Fuziah are saying to cause trouble.

  9. Fuziah is a LIAR !! Do not believe this witch.. She is not expert.. She is dumb.. Do not believe a dumb liar...Fuziah is a dummy...

  10. Hard to get thru' those expert's intelligent + thick skull with basic fundamental of one's right of choice. Interested parties like Lynas, the govt, experts have chosen, why can't the rakyat choose? Hate the unending argument of which is safer, like driving a car, using mobile...botomline is: user has a CHOICE. What next? Interested party telling the rakyat to leave the place they've chosen? Believe, it's the rakyat that chooses which govt to stay/leave, and not the other way around.

    1. Yes, and Lynas had a choice, it chose Malaysia, for econonic reasons. The Malaysian Government had a choice to reject but it approved. People can choose to object, that is their right to do so, but people DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to lie and defame others as SMSL has done. The Malaysian Goverment local, state and federal are the pople taht approve things like buildings and roads being built, if you dont want a building or road to be built, you can object and protest, but if the benefit outweighs the risk and the project is for the greater good, then you objeciton will be squashed.

      SO you have a choice, that has not been removed from you, but MORE people WANT LYNAS, and the argument by SMSL has been very bad and has included a lot of lies. It is shocking and embarrassing to the other Rakyat in Malaysia that such few ignorant and politcally driven people in Kuantan have been allowed to be heard.

      Please, protest about your palm oil lpanatations and logging companies that is much worse. That destroys biodiversity and also pollutes rivers and seas and will kill aquatic life such as fish. Lynas wont do this.

      Also, please someone in Malaysia, can you slap Fuziah across the face for being an idiot. I dont like the BN/UMNO and hope they are replaced, I am Anwar supporter, but if people like Fuziah are voted in, it will be worse. She is embarrassment to your nation.

  11. Justly why would you want to leave. Lynas is no threat to the people.SMSL has tried their best to compare Lynas to a nuclear plant and the lies they have told you has ended them in a defamation case. China does not want competition to their rare earth business but when Malaysia gets lynas up and going Malaysia will attract the new green industries that will provide jobs for Malaysia into the future. You really have nothing to fear here but everything to gain. People will come for the jobs that are created not leave

    1. Someone told me about the Whyalla rare earth plant in Australia. I managed to visit the Arafura Resources website and I must say, they have done a fantastic job at this moment in their process of getting the necessary approval from the Government and acceptance (in the process) from the community. Look at their investment in their pre-project environment study that cover hydrology, ground water movement, marine environment (water quality, sediment analysis, benthic habitat condition), detail flora and fauna study, radiation, social impact and health assessment study etc etc Very open and transparent and a lot of community consultation and interaction to convince everybody and also themself with facts and figures on the viability of the project before the planned starting of construction in 2013. Has Laynas done all these, I don't know, what study they have submitted to get the approval for the construction, I also don't know and my family is staying only a few km away from the project site. We can see only lorry moving in and out just like another normal construction project. Lynas take advantage of our irresponsible government and loose control to bulldoze in the project within the shortest period that may take years to approve in Australia. Of course I cannot blame Lynas except our own government but Lynas has a moral obligation and social responsibility to put in place all the necessary technical studies to satisfy themself that the project is safe and environmentally viable and Lynas should have an open office policy in community consultation programme. If Lynas has followed the Arafura Resources way of handling the project, I believe the public perception to the project can be very much different. However, if Lynas were have to follow the Arafura's way, it is possible that time taken will be much much longer and if Lynas cannot bulldoze its way there is no advantage to have the plant here, they might as well have the plant nearer to Mt Wild in Australia.

    2. Hello Ong,

      You have written a well rounded argument. You should be commended. I agree with what you have written. It is unbiased and factful.

      I can inform you that Australian companies can be taken to court in Australia if they are irresponsible , even in other countries. If Australia companies do wring thing in other countries they can be forced by the Australian Government to pay money to community and also to pay money for remediation and clean-up.

      I am a heartful and intelligent person, I don't think you have anything to worry about with Lynas. They have state of art monitoring system in place. You should follow the monitoring results when they start operation.

      I would be more concerned about the other chemical places in the Gebeng Estate. Major companies operating at Gebeng Industrial Area are BASF, PETRONAS Chemicals, BP Chemicals, MTBE,Flexsys, Eastman Chemical, Kaneka, Polyplastics, Mieco, KNM, JiKang, W.R. Grace, Cryovac, PPSC, AMC, etc.

      These companies have very very nasty chemicals being put into your waterways and have been doing this for years. You should investigate these companies as well.

      Also, there are some new Chinese companies coming to Gebeng soon,. They have very bad environmental practices. You need to watch them carefully.

      Again, I would not worry about Lynas, worry about these Chinese companies. They will not care . Lynas is forced to do the right thing, by Australian law, by Malaysian law and by the community. Lynas is under the spotlight, these other companies are not and they will try to blame Lynas when they start polluting your environment.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. "I am a heartful and intelligent person,"

      Speaking of an inflated ego.. hahahaha!

      I will give you some credibility if you have said:

      "I have been in rare earth refinery business for 20 years, so trust me".

      Who the beep do you think you are?!

    5. I have not been in rare earth industry for 20 years. I could say that but it would be a lie. (Unlike Fuziah and Anti-Lynas who find it easy to lie)

      "I am heartfelt and intelligent", because I can understand peoples concerns. For me, people come before money. Money is not my motivation. That is why I have said that statement.

      Who am I?? ....I am a professional environmental engineer. I have 13 years experience as environmental engineer. My work involves protecting the environment and also protecting peoples (community) health.

      I have experience in the management of hazardous wastes from chemical operations, waste-water treatment facilities, legacy waste (Radioactive), experience in environmental monitoring, environmental risk assessment. I have formal qualifications Bachelor and Masters degree, I have formal certification in Workplace Health and Safety.

      Good enough for you?

      What are your qualifications?

    6. Talk is cheap, even you are a nuclear scientist.

      I quote you
      "The most advanced countries in the world all doing rare earth separation, IN THEIR countries, USA, France, Japan, Australia."

      Show us an EPA approval of Arafura, then maybe you will be allowed to continue bragging how inflated you ego is.

      Without an authority approval, even Arafura will be shameful to say they are "doing" anything.

  12. Oh dear, you have nothing to respond.

    (I am not a nuclear scientist, where did you get this idea? Did you get this idea from same person who says Lynas plant is nuclear reactor?? You must be talking to Fuziah again)

    I answered your question above.

    Yes, they are all doing rare earth processing.

    USA - Molycorp - DOING rare earth mining, concentration, seperation processing in the USA.
    France - Rhodia - DOING rare earth mining, concentration, separation in the France.
    Japan - rare earth recycling from old electronics, DOING rare earth recycling in Japan.
    Australia - Lynas - DOING rare earth mining, concentration in Australia, rare earth seperation in Malaysia (very soon, 1 month away :) )
    Australia - Arafura Resources - DOING rare earth mining (currently at Nolans Bore Site - have ALL EPA licences and approvals for the mining, also have concentration plant at Nolans Bore, also BEING built now), completed seperation of rare earth, pilot plant (ALREADY COMPLETED), Building the rare earth seperation plant at Whyalla, South Australia, already started, purchased land, doing preliminary sampling, groundwater monitoring etc, ready for construction.

    Is this enough evidence for you?

    Doing is not just 1 part of the process. It is several parts, so dont try to take me out of context.. Doing for your future reference is, mining, concentration process, separation process. I trust this is clearer for the feeble minded one.

    Anyway, what has "ego" got to do with this?
    If you are threatened because I am more experienced than you, why do you need to say anything about ego. I already smashed your arguments with verifiable facts.

    If you envy me, then I say thank you. But any "ego" is unrelated to my comments on this blog. Im simply stating facts.

    By the way... what are you doing about the other chemical processing plants in Kuantan? The ones that are dumping their hazardous and toxic wastes to the waterways, disposing radioactive and chemical waste to landfill and polluting the atmosphere. These are a few companies in Kuantan right now that have EPA licence to pollute your environment. BP Chemicals, MTBE, Flexsys, Bredero Shaw, Eastman Chemical, Kaneka, Polyplastics, Mieco,KNM, JiKang,W.R. Grace, Cryovac, PPSC,AMC, etc.

    What are you doing about them?

    Pity you.

  13. You didn't answer my question, so let me post it here again.

    Talk is cheap, even you are a nuclear scientist.

    ***That only means even if you are a nuclear scientist, you have to substantiate your claim with facts.

    I quote you
    "The most advanced countries in the world all doing rare earth separation, IN THEIR countries, USA, France, Japan, Australia."

    Show us an EPA approval of Arafura, then maybe you will be allowed to continue bragging how inflated you ego is.

    Without an authority approval, even Arafura will be shameful to say they are "doing" anything.

  14. By the way, when you say "rare earth separation" it should apply to refinery from ore (since we are making a comparison to LAMP), not recycling from electronics waste, or reducing the ore into concentrates.

    In that case, Japan & Lynas can't be counted.

    Your only lifeline on Australia that I am aware of is Arafura.

    As for France (Rhodia), I read they planned to set up refinery in Africa, but presently importing REO from China. So if you have any facts to show there is a refinery in France, it will be very helpful.

    USA - agree.

  15. Do I need to do your research for you.

    Rhodia has a rare earth processing facility in La Rochelle, France.

    What you don't understand could fill the Pacific ocean.

    What are your qualifications?

    Japan can be counted, its a seperation plant. Do you even know what the process involves?

    You don't want to count rare earth mining, and you don't want to count rare earth separation.

    Stop using your computer and phone, our you are a hypocrite.

    Also, read the latest comments by Malaysian university experts regarding the facts about this issue. If you don't believe me about anti-lynas stupidity and misinformation and lies, then read the following article. It supports what I have been trying to tell you. If you don't agree then contact these experts at the relevant Malaysian universities.

  16. You still didn't answer my question, so let me post it here again.

    Talk is cheap, even you are a nuclear scientist.

    ***That only means even if you are a nuclear scientist, you have to substantiate your claim with facts.

    I quote you
    "The most advanced countries in the world all doing rare earth separation, IN THEIR countries, USA, France, Japan, Australia."

    Show us an EPA approval of Arafura, then maybe you will be allowed to continue bragging how inflated you ego is.

    Without an authority approval, even Arafura will be shameful to say they are "doing" anything.

  17. "Rhodia has a rare earth processing facility in La Rochelle, France."

    Yes, I can see that. But I also need to see concrete evidence that it is a rare earth refinery, not just some processing facility.

    Otherwise, you can also claim we already have a rare earth processing facility in Shah Alam.

    No, Japan cannot be counted. The process to recycle electronic waste maybe similar, but minus the radiation.

    Meaning, if you were to set up a rare earth recycling facility in Putrajaya, AELB will not even get involved.

    1. The hazardous waste from electronics has radiation and many other toxic substances.

      But we were not talking about the radiation issue, we were talking about rare earth separation facility.

      Japan is in...... and ....... your wrong again.

      So all my facts that seperation is in USA, Japan, France, Australia are all correct. :)

      And there are many more countries in development to refine and process rare earths.

      This is fun beating you.

  18. If you know anything about the mining industry, which I think you don't. You will know that refining includes many processes. Refining includes the process of concentration, which is done in Australia by lynas, and it also includes separation which will be done in Malaysia. Is that clear enough for you?

    The unknown its very scary for the uneducated.

    You will probably end up working for lynas or electronics company in Malaysia using lynas rare earths. I have even heard that proton will be using lynas rare earth material.

    Just think, when you see anything using electronics in the near future, there will be a good chance it is from Malaysia rare earth plant, you should be very proud if your country!

  19. It is a shame you claim to be this and that, but yet, incapable to handle a simple question.

    If Arafura does not have an approval to start a refinery, just admit it. I have no problem with that.

    That's all I need to find out from you and I will end with a few quotes from your own.

    - “So when you say you are educated, are you using your education wisely?”

    - “Why do you LIE AGAIN. Is it genetic to lie or are you being paid to lie? or what? Please explain why you change facts to suit your position.”

    - “Why don't you apologize and say that you are wrong??”

    - “You won’t admit to me, I don't care, but you need to admit to yourself.”

    - “The most advanced countries in the world all doing rare earth separation, IN THEIR countries, USA, France, Japan, Australia.”

    - “Refining includes the process of concentration, which is done in Australia by lynas, and it also includes separation which will be done in Malaysia. ”

    Notice the contradiction again in last two.
    - First, you are convinced the separation is done IN THEIR countries,
    - and then you explained the separation will be done in Malaysia.

    You have confirmed that Lynas is not doing the separation in Australia, and proven yourself wrong again.

  20. And by the way, I am still interested to know if Rhodia - La Rochelle is a refinery, not soem downstream processing facility.

    Do us favour, prove yourself right so we won't be embarrassed.

    Have a good day.

  21. I have proven myself, over and over again. all my facts are verifiable.

    If your interested in Rhodia do the research yourself, don't be lazy.

    Rhodia has one of the most advanced rare earth processing facilities in the world. It is comparable to that of Lynas in Malaysia.

    I never said lynas us doing separation in Australia, its being done in Malaysia.

    I did say Japan, USA, France and Australia are doing separation. Japan is doing separation (using recycled electronics), USA is (finally you admit), France is (you still are ignorant of this), arafura is doing separation in Australia. They have completed rare earth separation at their pilot plant. Their larger plant is being in built in Whyalla.

    anything else? I think I have repeated myself several times. You still don't get it.

    Your argument is based on semantics.

    Do you know what this means? Look it up in a dictionary. Do you know how to use this word in context?

    You still haven't answered my questions.

    What are your qualifications?
    Did you read the article I posted?
    what is the reason to be against lynas?
    Have you complained or protested about the other toxic companies in gebeng area?

  22. "Rhodia has one of the most advanced rare earth processing facilities in the world. It is comparable to that of Lynas in Malaysia."

    Let's see some facts.

    And to answer your questions:

    What are your qualifications?
    >I bare survived form 6, selling pisang goreng, have been doing it for 14 years and really good at it. I didn't want to tell you so not to embarrass you.

    Did you read the article I posted?
    > Yes, including those you accuse others as pondan, idiots, monkeys. Which religion do you subscribe to?

    what is the reason to be against lynas?
    > This is a good one. The last I checked, I did not say I am against Lynas. Where did you get this idea? Did you get this idea from same person who says Lynas plant is nuclear reactor?? You must be talking to Fuziah again.

    Have you complained or protested about the other toxic companies in gebeng area?
    > Love this one. I am not professional environmental engineer with no experience as environmental engineer and not involved in protecting the environment nor protecting peoples (community) health. This is your job. Have you complained or protested about the other toxic companies in gebeng area?

    You just made my day. LOL!

    1. Obviously you dont read...

      I asked did you read the article I posted....

      You replied..
      > Yes, including those you accuse others as pondan, idiots, monkeys. Which religion do you subscribe to?

      READ THE ARTICLE I POSTED (2nd time - habit for you to understand simple English and instruction). ITS BELOW, ITS NEW STRAITS TIMES WEBSITE!!!

  23. Here is the phone number and email for Rhodia enquiries.
    +33 (01) 53 56 59 62

    For Arafura, they have their pilot plant at ANSTO, near Sydney and the demonstration pant in Perth. This is separation, processing, refining etc. whatever you want to call it.
    They are building the full site at at Whyalla. You can call them on this number.

    Tel: +61 8 6210 7666

    Please call them to confirm.

    I feel like your lecturer at university, trying to teach an ignorant student. I should have just said do your own work, don't be Ma--Lazy-Ian.

  24. Yes, I think it has been clear that your not well educated. Thanks for confirming this.

    Also if you have not been paying attention I am doing my part to protect the citizens. Currently they are uniformed.

    Your just here to argue about about semantics.

    I'm glad I made your day. Your welcome. I have been helping you a lot it seems. Im really enjoying the rebuttal.

  25. When you raise a point, you need to substantiate your claim with data. Likewise, I will not ask you to prove my point.

    Otherwise, if I accuse you to be a pondan, you will have to drop your pants in front of the webcam.

    Back to the discussion
    - Rhodia - La Rochelle is a refinery, pls share supporting facts.
    - Arafura has no authority approval to start RE refinery. This is my point. I have done my homework and could not find any approval. I could be wrong, and if you think otherwise, pls share supporting facts.

    1. Rhodia, call the company do your research. Even Wikipedia has your answer.


      Rare Earth Systems

      Rare Earth Systems supports the automotive, lighting and electronic industries in their development of solutions that produce fewer emissions, consume less energy and offer improved performance. The company separates rare earths in a number of purification steps, to produce high added-value formulations that meet the needs of the automotive, lighting and electronics industries. Rare Earth Systems has six production plants worldwide. With turnover of €226 million in 2010, Rare Earth Systems represents 42% of Advanced Materials’ revenue.[13]

      Main production sites

      La Rochelle

      According to ANDRA, the French agency for waste management,[39] until July 1994, Electronics and Catalysis (now Rhodia Rare Earth Systems) used very slightly radioactive monazite as an ore, producing radium-bearing waste, which was initially stored at ANDRA’s La Manche center until 1991, then in the French atomic energy commission’s Cadarache facility.[40] The treatment of the slightly radioactive monazite produced 8,023 tons, according to ANDRA [39] ), of slightly radioactive solid residue up until 1994. According to ANDRA, in 2007, this residue contained 2,000 tons of uranium and 2.6 tons of toxic lead. The plant is subject to ICPE[41] environmental surveillance. A project to launch a recycling plant for the rare earth contained in used lightbulbs is being looked into.[42]

      EAT IT IDIOT. Crawl away down your rabbit hole.

      1. Australia is DOING rare earth separation. Perth and ANSTO (Sydney), verifiable, cross check, confirmed.
      2. I have never said Arafura has EPA approval at Whyalla, The facility is in development. They have permits and approval to mine at Nolans bore where the rare earth is.

      You are very selective and incorrect (Again).

      Now.. slowly remove your head from you A**, and think clearly.

      Do you want me to get Rhodia to call you are are you now convinced. Say sorry little Pondan from Georgetown.

      I have won every argument so far, you have been left far behind.

      This isn't about Lynas is it. It is about your love for Ryan Albrey. Thats ok, you secret affair is safe with me.

      Anyway, you are correct, your thoughts are irrelevant.

      Whats next??

    2. My thoughts are only as relevant as yours, so no need to taunt, because your God is watching.

      By the way, if you are not Malaysian, then my thoughts are actually more relevant than yours, because, this is none of your business.

      Let's look at your list
      - USA - agreed.
      - France - agreed.
      - Japan - No. Electronic waste recycling is different than rare earth refinery.
      - Australia - No. Having a science lab does not qualify as "DOING". But, I will give you this one when Arafura gets the approval and goes into volume production.

      This is not about winning debate but the importance to hold a discussion with factual data.

      Oh.. it is about holding a proper conversation without showing yourself off as a redneck too.

      I hope you can behave properly from here.

      Cheers mate.

    3. Facts,
      Your wrong.

      seperation facility at japan is what I said.
      So I am correct, yes?

      So many times I repeat the same thing.

      Separation plant, pilot scale is separation. End of story.

      Just admit that your Wong. You have admitted finally about USA and after a very very long time you're admitted France.

      I think I have proven myself. Again and again.

      So you're a hypocrite as well. Check your comments you have written.

    4. I will now quote you, quoting me.....

      ***That only means even if you are a nuclear scientist, you have to substantiate your claim with facts.I quote you"The most advanced countries in the world all doing rare earth separation, IN THEIR countries, USA, France, Japan, Australia."

      so all countries I mentioned are doing rare earth separation. I have backed every location with facts and you know this.

      and you agree? I'm using your words and mine. :)

      Now anting else you want to lose at?

      Goodbye, my work here is done. I have proven 100%.

      It must feel terrible for you to lose this argument. I know you wanted to so much.

  26. "Also if you have not been paying attention I am doing my part to protect the citizens. Currently they are uniformed."

    Which one are you, batman, or spiderman?

  27. You ask me what I am doing to protect the community. I replied? Whats your point?

    If I was wanted to be a super hero, I would be Daamoa the Lame-O. Son of Eee-Yew the Pondan.

  28. If I were you I will address the 2 points instead of resorting to foul language.

    You can curse behind a PC but your God is still watching. Which religion do you subscribe to?

  29. Swear words? I have not written any swear words... Wrong again Lame-O

    FYI - pondan is not a swear word it is a type of person. You could say used incorrectly it is derogatory, but its not a swear word.

    Even the word A** is not a swear word. I have used that also to describe you. It relates to a donkey which I have correctly used in context.

  30. I don't know what part on earth you come from, but if you have had proper education anywhere, describing people as pondan, monkeys, idiot, even the use of A** is uncivilized.

    As I said, I hope you can behave properly from here. Because.... your God is watching.

  31. Your God is watching also. calling people names, etc. you picked this argument and I smashed you . I have used facts and you have used ignorance.

    Talk is cheap according to you. But you ignore facts and only talk. Therefore you are a cheap chatty pondan.

    You've accused and judged so much, you have ignored facts, you have used semantics, you have name called, and then tried to take the moral high ground. Very shameful.

    Your God knows this, and is watching you.

    Anything else? I thought we are discussing the world rare earth industry sector? Not religion, shame on you for bringing this into the discussion.

  32. Follow Mr Tan's money trail and you will see if Mr Tan has Malaysia's interest at heart or the interests of foreign competitors to Lynas.
    Malaysia's credibility is at stake here no company will now invest in malaysia after the performace seen over lynas.

  33. Daamoo im still waiting. I proved you wrong and you ran away like a little princess.


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