Tuesday, 5 June 2012

'WE WELCOME FDI BUT ...' reported by Malaysian Business [May 1st, 2012]

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  1. Why don't you publish the whole article?

    You claim to be "educating the public" but if you only include one side of the story that is called bias. What is the value of education if it is incomplete and in many cases incorrect?

    You claim only 350 jobs will be made. Maybe this is true at the LAMP site, but what about the more than 100,000+ Malaysian workers in the Malaysian electronics industry who need rare earth? They will be subject to Chinese price manipulations and risk their jobs. What about all the people in Kuantan that will benefit from having such an advanced processing plant. The economy will be greatly benefited. The workers need food from local market, the residents that earn money will spend in local community. Lynas needs supplies, not just acid but all supplies relating to a big company, office supplies, transport, cleaning services, hotels for visitors etc. You fail to included all the indirect benefits.

    Tan Bun Teet says that "We do not welcome toxic polluting industries". What about Petronas and similar industries already in Kuantan area?

    This is a list of toxic chemical companies already operating in Kuantan...

    From Wikipedia...

    "Among the major companies operating in Kuantan are MTBE/Polypropylene (M) Sdn Bhd,[2] BP Chemicals,[3] MTBE,[4] Flexsys,[5] Bredero Shaw[6] Eastman Chemical, Kaneka,[7] Polyplastics,[8] Mieco,[9] KNM,[10] JiKang,[11] W.R. Grace, Cryovac, PPSC,[12] AMC,[13] etc.

    Why does he say does not welcome them when they are already operating there for years? What about the Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park? The industries starting there? They are also toxic industries.

    I now ask, why is SMSL and Tan Bun Teet and his cronies ignorant and hypocritical?

    Does Malaysia want to be educated and a developed country or are they scared of progress?

    Remember, every industry has waste, its how we manage it that's important. You just need to visit your local rubbish tip, there is toxic waste, hazardous, contaminants, biological waste and yes, even radioactive waste.

    Otherwise, forget about progress, just go fishing and pick bananas all day. ..oops... Bananas are also radioactive, so don't eat them or else!

    1. Please go back to Australia and benefit the Australian, we don't want your plant here.

    2. Malaysia needs rare earth for electronics industry. They need more money for education.

      Currently many Malay students in Australia because Malay education is terrible. This is why so many ignorant people in Malay, because they are not intelligent and don't think logically. They can only count the number of bananas in a bunch or number of coconuts in a tree. After that they get foreigner to calculate.

      Hooray for Malaysia, Hooray for rare earth. Rare Earth will help Malaysia become more profitable.

      Malaysia can make more electronics. Then they have more computers, then they can use these computers, mobile phones and tablets for blogging sites more to protest about rare earth more. They protest on internet using electronics made form rare earth! Did they know this? Are they hypocrite??

  2. Why you only keep saying go back to Australia?

    What are the reasons?

    Just to say go back without reason is stupid.The Malaysia electronics industry needs rare earth more than Australia. You should have it.

    Australia will soon have new processing plant in Australia, just like Lynas. Australians are not complaining. Why are Malaysians? Are Malaysians stupid or ignorant or uneducated or all of the above??

    The scientists and world exports say it is safe. The lies by Tan Bun Teet, Wong Tack and Fuziah are all PROVEN to be FALSE by leading world experts.

    Tan Bun Teet, Wong Tack and Fuziah are just self important people. They have no power and are idiots. Who do you believe an expert or one of these people?

    If you are sick do you go to Tan Bun Teet, Wong Tack and Fuziah or do you go to a DOCTOR? Doctor is professional.

    I think Lynas will be good to benefit Malaysia. The follow on effects to your economy will be good. More money, more jobs. Lynas does not want to pollute, they want to process. It is not good economic interest to be a polluter or damage the environment. Why would Lynas want to do this? Malaysia has stricter environmental laws than Australia.

    If Malaysia becomes more developed as country and as people it will be better for them. You can improve your industries, get money. Then you can pay for better education become more educated people. At the moment I think too many Malaysia are idiots and ignorant. The country is full of ignorant and self important people.

    At the moment Malaysia is developing country, this is true, they don't understand a lot of things and need to be told.

    Don't forget, protest about palm oil plantations. They are destroying your environment and health. Why you don't care about that? Your close relative Orang-Utan is dying. You don't care.. This means you are hypocrite.

    Orang-utan very close to Malay people. Could be brother or sister I think. Orang-Utan much friendlier.

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