Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sydney Stop Lynas Protest Action - People before corporate greed

Greens MP Jamie Parker addressing the concerned activists during the lunch protest
From around 10.30 to 11.30am today, activists and concerned Australians led by Friends of the Earth Australia staged a peaceful protest action outside the Lynas Corporations head office in support of the Stop Lynas campaign in Malaysia.

Between 30 to 40 people from all walks of life including several Malaysian diasporas gathered outside the Lynas office on 56 Pitt St in Sydney with loud speakers chanting "Shame Lynas Shame!  The protest action was high spirited, colourful.

The crowd intended to send a strong message to Mr Nick Curtis the Executive Chairman of Lynas Corporation that the people of Malaysia have said NO!

The protest action was joined by state member of parliament Greens MP Mr Jamie Parker who visited Malaysia several months ago and made a special trip to Kuantan to see the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant.  In his speech at the protest action, Mr Parker said "Lynas has not been transparent" especially referring to its waste being safe when it is contaminated with radioactive materials, hazardous heavy metals and chemicals.

Lynas has recently revealed that it has attempted to apply for the waste to be returned to Australia albeit a long-standing Australian policy of not accepting hazardous waste from another country.


  1. SMSL could be called Steal from Malaysia Spend the Loot

    Malaysians should be asking do these professional protesters have any means of financial support other than what they steal from their supporters

  2. It did not even make the news These misguided people had to film their own short lived protest (yes 23 minutes)and then post it on utube themselves. Australians do not care one bit about a handful of expatriate Malaysians protesting outside Lynas.
    SMSL could be called Steal from Malaysia Spend the Loot

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