Thursday, 6 September 2012

Strong public objection to Lynas getting theTemporary Operating Licence

Press statement of Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL)
Strong public objection to Lynas getting theTemporary Operating Licence
September 6th, 2012
SMSL is outraged that despite two impending judicial reviews at the Kuantan high court and an appeal case for judicial review in Putrajaya, the Government proceeded to issue the TOL to Lynas yesterday.

Mr Tan Bun Teet speaking on behalf of SMSL and angry local residents in Kuantan, “We are appalled by the Government’s action. The Government has lost the very last little bit of credibility left and may have acted in contempt of the court as a result.”

The AELB claimed in its press statement on its decision to issue the TOL that Lynas has fulfilled all of the technical and additional conditions set by the Government And that Lynas will remove the radioactive waste from Malaysia. However, no detail was provided on how Lynas has fulfilled these.

“Show us exactly how Lynas will remove its radioactive waste from Malaysia! How can the AELB expect us to accept this weak proposition when we know for a fact that Lynas has NO way of shipping its radioactive waste OUT of Malaysia legally?” Asked Ram Ponusamy a local resident who is concerned that the Lynas plant will ruin all that is nice about Kuantan.

The Western Australian Government has clarified several times in the state Parliament that it will NOT allowed Lynas waste to be returned to the state.

Extracts from the WA official parliamentary record Hansard is attached below.

Trans-boundary transportation of hazardous waste is controlled by the Basel Convention It will be near impossible for Lynas to find a country willing to accept millions of tonnes of its waste and besides it will cost Lynas a LOT of money if it tries to do that.

Haji Ismail Abu Bakar, a local resident who took the Government to courtover the TOL expressed his strong objection to the Lynas project, “Rare earth processing is highly toxic and polluting. Even if miraculously Lynas managed to find a safe and acceptable solution for its solid radioactive waste, what about our air? What about our water?”

“Who would choose to live near a world-scale rare earth refinery? He added.
Residents and concerned citizens could not accept that the Government has bent over backward to pave the way for a foreign firm that pays no tax to jeopardise an otherwise clean, beautiful and peaceful area with immense potential for tourism and a range of other businesses for local communities.

“We are now witnessing a government doing everything to ruin our future when its duty of care should be to prioritise citizens’ health, our investment and our environment. The Government has just sent a strong negative signal to the voters yesterday.” Ram commented.

The AELB has failed to manage the radioactive waste from the previous rare earth plant. AELB said ARE was safe then and it has left unknown amount of dangerously radioactive waste left unmanaged even till today. Now, the government has just repeated the same mistake.

“Lynas may think that with the TOL, it can do whatever it wants. We would like to assure concerned Malaysians that we will do whatever it takes to Stop Lynas – here in Malaysia, in Australia and in every corner of the world where Lynas hopes to conduct its business. This is an undertaking from SMSL.” Concluded Mr Tan.

Extracts from Hansard dated 05 April 2011

Extracts dated 20 March 2012

Extracts dated 12 June 2012


  1. Oh well, You guys lost, Give it up. The truth will prevail, Chinease Losers.

  2. Its been proved safe.. 50% increase in share price... How much money did you make TEET ???

  3. Get a Life... SYDS should be your slogan-- It means (save your dumb self).

  4. My next statement demonstrates exactly how SMSL people tells lies and twists facts.

    In the article above SMSL mention the Basel Convention. Yet this is the same rules in Basel Convention which also states that the level of radiation in Lynas material is so low that it is not even classified as hazardous material.

    Why does SMSL continually lie and also don't understand the facts the try to present?

    This is probably the reason why the experts, the authorities, and the courts have all joined together against SMSL and issue the TOL and reject the complaints against the ignorant and deceitful SMSL and done (not all) Kuantan residents.

  5. By the time SMSL court cases are heard Lynas will have residue after processing ore. This will be tested and proven safe blowing SMSL out of the water and making SMSL look very foolish for speading lies and untruths about lynas. Be prepared to pay huge damages to lynas for the lies you have told

  6. The complainant asks who would live next to a rare earth factory???

    Answer – no-one, that is why it is placed in an Kuantan Industrial Park with other industries which are also polluting, example, Petronas Refinery. The refinery pollutes way more than Lynas. This is a fact! Do your research and understand the waste streams of industries. Understand that industries are legally allowed pollute according to their license conditions. The same is for all other industries that pollute to the air, water and the land. i.e. waste water treatment facilities, waste to landfill (your rubbish that you put into the bin!) and coal-fired power plants who emit to air (industries and also vehicles).

    Who would want to live next to a rubbish dump, or a coal fired power plant or a meat works or rendering plant? Answer = NO-ONE. So your comment is a stupid one bbsed on an obvious answer. It is like saying. Who likes dead babies. Answer = No-one

    I think Justice should be requested by Lynas from the Malaysian community against them. Lynas have followed BOTH Malaysian law and rules and international rules. Its unfair that a few ignorant people have held this law abiding company to ransom. It is UNJUST!.

    World experts in rare earth have applauded and labelled Lynas LAMP as worlds best standard.

    Think of the technology transfer Malaysia will get, think of the development opportunities.

    Any impact is minimal and it is managed according to the rules. The rules are developed over time by experts. A few fishermen and some provocateurs are not experts. They are opinionated and misguided. I know, I am an environmental activist, i want to see society reduce dependency on coal energy and focus better on solar and wind energy. But to do the later requires rare earths. Does SMSL understand this? For a better future and a cleaner and greener environment we need rare earths.

    The SMSL are discovering the rules as they go, and almost all the residents in Kuantan haven’t heard of rare earth before Lynas, yet they use rare earths everyday. This shows a strong correlation to being a hypocrite.

    Don’t compare Lynas to another company in 1980′s who use different material and illegal waste management, or compare to Chinese backyard operations which are also illegal.

    Understand that this company is technologically advanced. They are not processing the 60-times more radioactive material (from Malaysian tin mining) by Mitsubishi in Bukit Merah. It is different, but SMSL make you think it is much worse and will kill you. They even likened the rare earth plant to a nuclear plant. What a bunch of idiots. If you are a follower of the SMSL and think the same… I feel sorry for you. Your future is already in jeopardy.

    I would expect an ignorant pro-Lynas troll to reply to this with the usual NIMBY argument, based on emotion, ignorance and hypocritical replies. Baseless and lacking in credible facts.

    I welcome your rebuttal.

  7. “Lynas may think that with the TOL, it can do whatever it wants."

    .....What a stupid and ignorant comment.

    Lynas are not doing whatever they want. They are following the rules and terms and conditions that is required by law. Lynas has doing what is asked at every stage of this process.

    The SMSL are the ones who have a continual strategy of misinformation to suit their cause. At first Malaysians were not informed about rare earths, now they are becoming more aware. They know it is not dangerous like SMSL have stated. They SMSL peaked early this year but have steadily lost support because they have lost the information war they chose to fight. Thankfully science is the winner here and deceptive practices of SMSL are the losers.

    There is justice after all.

    SMSL are following are dark path only which is full of lies and arrogance and ignorance of facts and science.




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