Friday, 24 August 2012

SMSL seeks to transfer Lynas suit to Kuantan High Court

SMSL seeks to transfer Lynas suit to Kuantan High Court
Bernama • Ogos 14, 12 5:57PTG

Anti-Lynas group ‘Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas’ (SMSL) is applying to transfer the defamation suit filed by Lynas Corporation Limited and Lynas Malaysia Sdn Bhd, to the Kuantan High Court.

SMSL’s counsel Bastian Pius Vendargon told reporters in Kuala Lumpur today that they had filed the needed application to transfer the case early this month. “The court has set Sept 26 to hear the application,” he said after meeting justice John Louis O’Hara in chambers when the case came up for case management today.

On April 19, Lynas Corporation of Sydney, Australia, and Lynas Malaysia filed the suit against SMSL Sdn Bhd and its two directors, Tan Bun Teet and Lim Sow Teow, and three volunteers, Hang Chong Leung, Lee Chow Fong and Ismail Abu Bakar, over an alleged defamatory article published on its blogsite on March 22.Lynas had sought for an injunction application for the defendants to remove the article titled ‘Civil Society Organisations Joint Statement on Lynas Issue: SMSL Malaysian NGO statement Against Lynas’ from its blogsite until the disposal of the suit. On July 26, Justice O'Hara dismissed Lynas’ injunction application and held that, at this stage, the court could not conclude whether the statement was defamatory or otherwise, until it heard the evidence in a full trial. - Bernama


李龙辉 • Ogos 14, 12 5:31PTG

莱纳斯公司起诉“拯救大马”委员会等6造诽谤案,今日在吉隆坡高庭过堂。法官约翰奥哈拉(John Louis O'Hara)择定9月26日,决定是否将此案移师关丹高庭审讯。

法官届时也将决定,是否批准上述6名申请人,取得莱纳斯的相关文件。“拯救大马”委员会等6造代表律师巴斯迪安(Bastion Vandargon)及莱纳斯代表律师黄家辉(译音,Wong Kah Hui),今午与约翰奥哈拉在内庭为案件过堂。



莱纳斯起诉公开信诽谤莱纳斯于今年4月起诉“拯救大马”委员会、该委员会主席陈文德(64岁)和成员林绍桃(80岁),在一封致给首相纳吉的公开信中,含有不实与误导的成分。尔后,莱纳斯也将该委会3名志愿人士方宗良(28岁)、李彩兹(48岁)及依斯迈阿布巴卡(Ismail Abu Bakar)列为此案第4至第6答辩人。莱纳斯也向法庭申请禁令,禁止答辩人继续发表涉嫌诽谤声明与文章,惟法官已在7月26日驳回这项申请。



    Please see the part on Bribery. Can anyone help to check if any form of bribery involved?

  2. Are you a complete fool Jonathon? Do you really think Lynas would be waiting for a Tol if they had bribed the government minister. Get a life and an education zand you might be able to understand the issues here. Keep posting rubbish here and people with stop wondering if you are indeed a fool as you will prove them right