Tuesday, 17 July 2012

SMSL Will FIGHT Lynas Till The End

Press statement of Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL)
SMSL Will FIGHT Lynas Till The End
July 18, 2012

In a recent International Business Times (IBT) article, it was misreported that SMSL has apologised to the Lynas Corporation and has retracted a statement made about its rare earth refinery plant. Accessed at http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/363755/20120717/malaysia-rare-earths.htm#.UAYv8dV0xVv

This news story is erroneous and factually incorrect because SMSL has made NO
such apology or retraction. SMSL is determined to and will continue to defend the
rights of citizens to free speech, to campaign for a clean and safe future for our
family and our country.

Mr Tan Bun Teet, the spokesperson for SMSL said, “I have written to the Editor
of IBT to seek an immediate public apology and to correct the article. The IBT
journalist should have contacted SMSL about it before putting the story out.”

SMSL is committed to fighting Lynas until the end, including the Lynas defamation
suit. It is the online news portal Free Malaysia Today (FMT) that has chosen to
apologise to Lynas and retracted the so-claimed defamatory statement. Its action
has no bearing or any association with SMSL’s current or future direction on the Stop
Lynas campaign.

“SMSL will take up the relevant legal action against the IBT if no apology is
forthcoming by the end of today and if no retraction is made. SMSL will also lodge
a complaint with the Australian Journalists Association which is strict on journalistic
ethics and professionalism.” Added Mr Tan.

“SMSL remained firmed on our stance and our statements about the Lynas rare
earth plant because we have reliable information and relevant professional experts
to back up our statements in court.” He asserted.

Towards this end, SMSL is highly appreciative of the strong spirit of solidarity and
support demonstrated by civil society groups and concerned individuals all over
Malaysia and overseas.

The Lynas rare earth project is not just a Kuantan issue as it will affect the whole
nation. We should always be mindful of that.

The 12-year tax break granted to the project is the most ludicrous political decision
the government has made.

Tax payers and citizens expect a Government to exercise its duty of care to ensure
a nation's well beings and long-term future are secured not to subject citizens to the
risks of Lynas’ radiation and toxic waste.

SMSL and concerned citizens will converge at the Kuala Lumpur High court
tomorrow 19th July from 3.30pm onwards to await the court decision on Lynas’
defamation application.

“We welcome any concerned Malaysians to come along to show Lynas that we are
a proud people with integrity and courage. Join us in our fight against the risks and
hazards of the world’s largest rare earth plant.”


  1. Your time has come Be prepared to pay Lynas lots of money for the lies you have spread. Justice is coming at last

  2. judgement day is coming for SMSL...

  3. Nonsense.. Using free blog.. hahaha.. at least register a domain maa..

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  5. BYe BYe SMSL. Fun knowing you. I really enjoyed the ride. F*ck you very much.

    Hopefully you understand that lies lose in the end.

    This is why the current Malay Government will lose next election, because they lie also. They are bad like you. Fuziah the Devil will also lose. I can only hope.

    But the new Government wont stop Lynas, because true facts have emerged and brought Lynas into the spotlight as a good corporate citizen who have followed due process and have been confirmed as being a well designed safe processing plant. Even though I don't like Nick Curtis, I think he is greedy,(based on previous business practices) I do feel sorry for him having to put up with nonsense like the sh*t SMSL and Fuziah the Black Witch have portrayed his company.

  6. Kuantan: The Pahang National Agenda Federation of non-governmental organisations (Daun) wants Kuantan Member of Parliament, Fuziah Salleh and the anti-Lynas group to apologise for making allegations against the company.

    Daun cordinator Wan Emril Nizam said the open apology should be addressed to all Malaysians, especially residents of Kuantan, for giving the wrong facts about the plant.

    "Fuziah and the anti-Lynas group had created fear among Malaysians and Kuantan residents on the construction of the plant," he told Bernama here today.

    Yesterday, Free Malaysia Today on its website www.freemalaysiatoday.com said Mtoday News Sdn Bhd apologised for articles that Lynas plant might be unsafe to the public.

    Lynas Corporation Limited received bad publicity from various parties, especially opposition parties which politicised the construction of the plant. -

    "We demand an apology like Free Malaysia Today which admitted its mistakes (articles) by giving the wrong facts with no scientific basis.

    "Daun received feedback from the people that they are tired of lies and gimmick by the anti-Lynas group dominated by Chinese supporting the DAP," said the senior law lecturer of Kolej Islam Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah (Kipsas).

    Read more: Daun wants anti-Lynas group to apologise - Latest - New Straits Times http://www.nst.com.my/latest/daun-wants-anti-lynas-group-to-apologise-1.109340##ixzz20zXoWTjn

  7. Time for Mr Tan Bunns And Tatas to offshore the money that the PRC is paying him. My in house radiological psychic experts see Chapter 7 bankruptcy in his future. Run and cry to the PSC for immunity Mr Tatas, it won't help. Squeezing money from him will be like blood from a turnip, but Lynas should pull out all stops to try. The courts will rule against SMSL's libel and ridiculous claims. Guaranteed.

  8. Mr Tan Bun Teet is heavily involved in the Malaysian Insider news portal. I actually emailed the Malayisan insider asking why so many pro-Lynas post were not uploaded. I quoted the AJA and they are repeating what I sent to them.

    Note the the IBT is head office in USA, not Australia.

    Beware the Malaysian Insider website, SMSL have influenced what they report. This is evidenced by the fact that Malaysian Insider has not reported on the apology of FMT whereas every other Malayisan news portal has reported this.

    Malysian Insider and SMSL in bed together, sodomy suspected.

  9. If you guys who have posted all those rude and racist sino-phobic remarks here are Lynas hired guns, it gives me and other Malaysians even LESS confidence of the LAMP.

    Isn't it pathetic that a supposedly listed corporation which has boasted about its supposed sought-after in denad rare earth oxides has to resort to such thuggery such as using a gag action and deploying trolls to post indecent comments through this site and many other pro Stop Lynas sites???

    That's really showing us how desperate and how in trouble Lynas is!

    The truth shall prevai!

    1. I have NOTHING to do with Lynas Corp. in Australia or in Malaysia.

      I am interested in environmental issues only. I support my arguments using science and logical rational. The reason I am so vocal is that I have many Malay friend and I am dissappointed that a few idiots in Kuantan are using misinformation and lies to the rakyat. It makes me angry that these few SMSL supportes are giving the WHOLE country a bad name.

      Your correct though, the truth shall previaling.

      FMT apology
      World experts reporting as world best plant
      Licence approved
      etc etc

      Yes, the TRUTH is prevailing.

  10. Landing anywhere in Malaysia, you are able to see rainforest destruction out of control: Where are the protesters?

    Orangutan habitatat destroyed without regard: Where are the protesters?

    Tin mining causing more radiation than rare earth mining: Where are the protesters?

    Rivers used as industrial sewers: Where are the protesters?

    Spotted a photo of a joyous SMSL activist talking on a mobile phone about the court "win"

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