Thursday, 21 June 2012

One door is closed, others have opened up - More ways to Stop Lynas

Press statement of Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL)
One door is closed, others have opened up - More ways to Stop Lynas
Thursday June 21st, 2012
The green light given by the Parliament to issue Lynas with the temporary operating licence is the last straw on the camel’s back for SMSL in trying to engage constructively with the Government based on facts and science.  This follows from the tabling of the findings by the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) on Tuesday 19th June.
SMSL through our legal team and independent experts have presented hard facts and the latest scientific and engineering information through the ministerial appeal process and has offered the PSC the same. We got no-where with the Government despite our efforts.
Mr Tan Bun Teet, the spokesperson for SMSL lamented “We had given the Government the benefits of the doubt hoping that the Government will act in the interest of the people.  ”
“Our experts are some of the most outstanding and qualified professionals from the top universities in the United States of America, Unite Kingdom and Australia.  They have volunteered their expert opinions purely from their professional ethics and their concern of the impact of the Lynas rare earth project.”
“We now know that this Government has yet again failed in its duty of care to protect citizens and the country from a mere foreign profit-seeking interest.”
With the Ministerial appeal and the PSC outcome known, SMSL have moved onto the next course of actions to stop the Lynas rare earth plant.
“We share the anguish, the worries and the anger of Kuantan residents over the Government’s decision for we are affected locals ourselves.  The battle to Stop Lynas is far from over. The way is now clear for a different approach to stop this risky project.” Explained Mr Tan.
SMSL is currently preparing for a series of actions in respond to the Government’s poor decision on the Lynas rare earth refinery project:
The legal team is putting together a strong case for a judicial review through the court to appeal against the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) decision in the next week or so.
·         The legal team is continuing to build a strong case of defence against Lynas’ defamation suit against SMSL for the 19thJuly hearing. This is an opportunity to highlight Lynas’ own weaknesses and limitation in handling the hazardous and complex rare earth refinery project to the world;
·         A family Day on the 8th July to celebrate traditional seafood delicacies from the kampong at Teluk Cempedak to highlight what are at stake for our food culture and for the people in the kampong near the Lynas plant;
·         A National Day of Actions to Stop Lynas is scheduled for 14th July
·         A National Conference on Environmental Challenges for Malaysia is scheduled for November
·         Lynas Annual General Meeting Action in Sydney in November.
Apart from local actions, SMSL has networked widely with civil society groups and Malaysian Diasporas in Australia, Europe and the USA to plan for other actions in their respective countries.
There will be legal actions in Western Australia and in Sydney in the near future.
Mr Tan said, “Our allies and supporters overseas are appalled by the latest news on the Lynas project in Malaysia.  They are looking at means and ways to publicise the issue to Lynas’ customers and investors that Lynas has no social licence, and will never get one, to operate in Malaysia.”
“And of course, we will step up our voters awareness and education campaign in Malaysia to use the Lynas problem to explain to voters their power to change government to secure a cleaner and safer future for their family and for Malaysia.”  Concluded Mr Tan


  1. I would also suggest that Himpunan Hijau bring this up to the UN system #Rio+20 (last day tomorrow).

  2. If you haven't yet already, consider also to contact Professor Eric J. Schelter, who is an expert on rare earth elements from the University of Pennsylvania:

    1. Why contact him, he has not even visited Lynas operations, so many INDEPENDANT world experts have visited Lynas and already comment on Lynas, also Malaysian experts, not only radiation experts but also health experts, Professors of Oncology.

      All experts report that Lynas operations are safe. You want to ask everyone in the world? if 99% of experts say Lyans is good and 1% say is not good , will you believe 1% or 99%?

      Think about this ratio and apply to everything else in your life. 99% or 1%?

  3. Am forwarding the following URLs for your perusal:


    In your further endeavor, please also include the issue of toxic waste management which is not properly addressed by Lynas nor the GOM. It may help you to expose the weak link in their efforts to proceed with LAMP.

  4. "SMSL presented............the latest scientific and engineering information.

    The decision by government is that SMSL science is incorrect and unscientific. If you spread lies what do you expect in return. Your latest science is based on emotion not facts! Cherry pick your facts is bias, unbalanced and unscientific!.

    LAMP is safe, now and in the future. Teet, Wong and Fuziah like to head butt brick wall!

    Go protest about coal-fired power stations, much more radiation emitting from them! We need more solar, more wind turbines, more energy efficiency, rare earth materials are used for these. Yes for rare earth :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Read this story about Haze in Malaysia! Maybe you will understand the issue better and why we are all laughing at SMSL.

    SMSL = Bunch of ignorant fools!

  6. No one cares about your endevors. Lynas is safe and has been proved. Your experts are fake. You have no proof. Fuzzy works for china and so does tan. Give it up. You are fake and have been exposed as a fake. You have NO real experts. Youir losing a battle. Your wasting time and has been proved. You are all full of LIES.

    1. You are mad, go back to Australia with lynas.

    2. Previous message brought to you by Mr Ah-Mad. Much more mad.

  7. Ramli, is this all you have to say?? Provbe your side of lynas.. You are a liar just like smsl. You stupid dummy liar like smsl. I live in malasia with you and I need jobs. NOT LIES.

  8. Kindly note that not only the PSC says all OK, but a long line of TOP QUALIFIED WORLD AUTHORITIES on the process who've scrutinized! It doesn't surprise me that the rakyat (+u) are confused and suspicious over the Lynas chemical plant. As a geo-science technician I have poignantly watched the abuse of the simple folk as they have been intentionally and relentlessly force-fed so much outrageous DISinformation on Lynas. No doubt some locals who still believe all the spin must be feeling stressed. Caught in a propaganda cross-fire between PKR Fuziah Salleh's outrageous lies plus her falsely twisted F-level science & Lim Guan Eng of DAP threatening harm to ALL RACES "if Lynas explodes" (haha when in reality NOTHING it does operates under pressure!!!) it's hard for simple folk to clearly see the self-serving evil at the root of such falsehoods. Using media hungry lunatic fringe pedantic academics doesn't cut it either. Of course globally vandalising Malaysia's future investment reputation (FDI) doesn't worry these selfish ego-centric pollies. They obviously don't care about advancing the welfare of their country, merely their own ambitions. This is haram behaviour. They talk talk talk about truth and justice but then you can see them arrogantly exempting themselves from both in their attempt to gain their true love - power. There are a lot of things to be concerned about in Malaysia today, unsustainable forestry destruction for one, but the expensively SAFE, world's best, independently monitored, Lynas CHEMICAL plant is NOT one of them. Oh, and in case it needs to be said yet again for the slowies.>> It's NOT a nuclear reactor stupid!

  9. By now all these fake, sock puppet accounts demonstrate that the people behind them can truly only be deeply pitied. :(

    They amuse themselves with juvenile acts and hysterics learned through life-long social isolation. The internet is their only window into the world but because the standards of participation are so low and often unenforced, their conduct has adjusted accordingly.

    They lack the capacity to understand that what they are doing now does not fly in the real world, does not garner respect, does not influence people, does not convince them of anything. They not only fail to see this but cannot even understand why.

    We have to admit to ourselves that we have failed these people. They are Malaysia's children. They are outcasts with no place in society, no higher purpose. They grew into adults who end up fighting for scraps with the mental age of the undeveloped. They are the products of a system that is corrupt to the core, that promotes fear, ignorance, and hatred in order to maintain the status quo.

    We failed because we failed to oppose this system, and so for decades, our apathy was called the consent of the "silent majority". Our apathy became the rubber stamp to legitimise cruelty, selfishness, and greed. Our failure to create a better world was evidence of our own undeservedness. So is it any wonder that the symbols of our own failure would now turn around and hate us without reason? They only act with indignity because dignity has been stripped from them. Look at how easily these people are used and manipulated with the promise of SCRAPS of power. Having been shaped and formed by the instruments of cruelty, selfishness and greed, these are the only things these lost children understand now.

    They could have been any of us.

    We must show Malaysia's lost children that we will not neglect the country any longer and continue turning a blind eye, taking care of "our own affairs" so that anything becomes permissible, as if the wider world cannot and will not touch us. What happens to the world then, should we continue doing this?

    The stench of thorium particulates already stings our nostrils and boils our blood and brains even before the rare earth processing started. Could you imagine what would happen to the people of this country should operations go ahead? The catastrophe would be unimaginable.

    For the sake of this country and our lost children, we must PROVE the nobility of our cause with our determination to KICK LYNAS OUT. There can be no compromise.

    Salam sejahtera. :)

    1. Yes you are a lunatic Yin Lee.

      Bury your head in the sand. Pretend science is not real. Lose focus of this issues, twist words, twist stories, try to link unrelated stores to Lynas.

      This is a classic representation of how you argue your point against Lynas..........

      Question to Yin Lee: Why are there no more dinosaurs on Earth today.
      Yin Lee: Because Lynas has radiation and this caused Dinosaurs to die. We could also die because Lynas. Eventually everyone die but when they die I think it will be Lynas fault. People already die in Kuantan this year. They die because Lynas give them stress. I missed work today, because Lynas radiation stop my alarm clock and couldnt get up. I lost my job because of this. I lost my Job because of Lynas.

  10. Yin lee, A chinease name, Right?? Explains your lunatic rant. Lies. chinease are paying lots of money to siop Lynas, Do not believe this rheotic..

  11. the plant has not operate, why do people who make this blog may already know there is radiation, don't they know that what they use to make this blog, communicate and lighting with energy efficient lighting in their homes. Why are not all rare earth in the whole world just closed, so it's not just a clean Malaysia but also worldwide. hua ha ha ha ha ha.

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