Sunday, 19 June 2011

LATEST NEWS: 'Daddy, You're My Hero' Father's Day Event a HUGE success! 2000 people converged in Taman Gelora!

Fathers, mothers & children come together to form the STOP LYNAS! word. (Photo by: Terenze Lim)

It was an event not to be missed! And what an event it was! A committee of supermoms organized one of Save Malaysia's most successful programmes to date! It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Taman Gelora, when entire families from all over Kuantan came together to celebrate Father's Day. Themed 'Daddy, You're My Hero!', children & their mothers joined their fathers in a solidarity walk around Taman Gelora chanting "Stop Lynas! Save Malaysia!" & "Save our children!" Around 2000 people, young & old from different races, took part in this walk while waving the Jalur Gemilang & the Pahang flag. An origami display was also set up in the middle of the park. Each origami paper crane bearing a personal message of hope that Kuantan would be free of radioactive contamination. Soon after the walk, the paticipants gathered to form the STOP LYNAS! word in an open field (pictured above). They braced the hot sun & patiently waited while the marshals instructed them on their standing positions. Sheer passion! The day ended with the judges awarding prizes to the children who took part in the colouring contest that was held simultaneously across the field. The colourful masterpieces by the children of Kuantan made us realize how precious these little lives are. So let's do our best to preserve our environment for their future. ...What a wonderful day it has been! Let's hope that the government & Lynas hears our plea!


(Photos by: Terenze Lim, Kelvin Chow & Pang Chee Kian)
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  1. ....300 people...

    Is it accurate to report only 300 participated today????

    3000 may be a bit over quoted- I say 2000+

    By dbwing

  2. Thanks Allen. I have corrected the mistake.