Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Beta phase completed. =)

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  1. “Wake up Lynas”

    The world is watching
    Millions of eyes are staring in disbelief
    People are crying
    The world is already polluted as it is
    Please stop using our land as a dumping ground

    Where is your conscience?
    Where is your social responsibility?
    Are the billions you are going to make
    Worth the environment/LIVES of people you are going to destroy

    This world is not just about making money
    It is about generating wealth so that we can live
    In harmony with nature, with one another

    Australia rejected your Rare Earth operation
    Australians disapproved of your inhuman actions

    Malaysia accepted your plant here
    BUT Malaysians reject and detest your inhuman acts

    What a tragedy that so many people must die before you wake up.