Saturday, 25 June 2011

HAPPENING EVENTS -PART 2: Stop Lynas! Solidarity Walk @ Bukit Pelindung & National NGO Seminar @ Swiss Garden Resort, Kuantan

IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS SOLIDARITY WALK @ BUKIT PERLINDUNG IS THE OFFICIAL SAVE MALAYSIA EVENT.  NOT THE ONE @ STADIUM DARUL MAKMUR (Which is organized by PKR & DAP).  Both events share the same agenda, which is the people's agenda to STOP LYNAS!

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Join us in a solidarity walk around Bukit Pelindung this coming Sunday to kick-start the National NGO Seminar happening on the very same day! Bring your family members and let us make it a day to remember! Together we shall march in unison and send a resounding message that we do not welcome the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant in our beloved hometown!
Meeting point: Bukit Pelindung Foothill. Date: 26 June, 2011. Time: 7am (Remember to wear your Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas t-shirt!)

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*For participants who will be having lunch with the NGO members, please come to Swiss Garden Resort at 12pm. For all other participants who are just attending the seminar, please come at 1pm. Thank you. 
As we brace ourselves for IAEA's report on LAMP, civil societies & non government oragnizations (NGOs) from all over Malaysia will converge in Kuantan to discuss & strategize the next move to Stop Lynas from going ahead with its dry run in September. This show of solidarity among environmental, human rights & concerned citizens groups will help unite our cause and strengthen our understanding. Come & join us and be a part of this historic event. We all live in hope that our children will inherit a toxic-free future. Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas!
NOTE: There will be a lunch session with the members of the National NGO @ Swiss Garden Resort. Anyone who is interested in joining please contact Grace Lee for booking. A minimum contribution of RM40 per person will be required for the lunch. 


7.30am-8.30am: Stop Lynas! Solidarity Walk by Save Malaysia
11.00am            : Registration of National NGO Seminar participants
12pm-1.10pm   : Lunch with the National NGO & Save Malaysia members
1.10pm-2.10pm: Start of the seminar; Talk by Dr. Lee Chee Hung on Rare Earth
                            Processing, titled: 'WHY WE CARE'
2.10pm-3.00pm: Talk by EPSM advisor Dr Gurmit Singh on Environmental Issues,
                            titled: ‘FROM PAPAN TO BUKIT MERAH TO GEBENG –
                            ENVIRONMENTAL WORRIES’
3.00pm-3.30pm: Tea Break
3.30pm-4.20pm: Talk on Good Governance & Public Participation
                           by Harris Ibrahim of MCLM, titled: 'GOING FORWARD'
4.30pm             : Press Conference
5.00pm             : End of seminar

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