Monday, 19 August 2019

Press Statement
18th August 2019
SMSL to Pursue Legal Actions After the Protest Action

This morning, SMSL was joined by local and interstate protesters in response to the PH Government’s decision to renew the operating licence of Australian owned Lynas rare earth plant in Gebeng near Kuantan.

Chairman of SMSL, Mr Tan Bun Teet explained:“We cannot simply stay silent just because we have been betrayed by self-interested politicians who have made decision against Rakyat’s wishes, Malaysia’s future and the health and safety of Rakyat and our environment. As Kuantan residents, we have much to lose for as long as Lynas’ toxic radioactive waste continues to pile up by its plant.”
Lynas’ radioactive waste from its water leach purification (WLP) stream contains a significant amount of long-live radionuclides, namely thorium and uranium, together with a range of heavy metals including lead, chromium, cadmium and nickel – all of which are toxic to humans and can cause cancer when exposed repeatedly over time as the doses can accumulate over one’s life time. Large amount of chemicals is also left in the waste.

Mr Hon Kai Ping, the legal adviser for SMSL said: “Next we will be pursuing legal actions. A responsible Government should uphold our law to prioritise the health and wellbeing of the Rakyat.”
Lynas’ WLP waste is classified as low-level radioactive waste that needs to be stored in 100% water-proof facility to prevent pollution and contamination of the environment. So far, Lynas has left close to 600,000 tonnes of the radioactive waste and over 1.5 million tonnes of scheduled waste (less contaminated but hazardous) in open dam exposed to flooding and gale-force wind. Malaysia’ wet climatic conditions is highly challenging for the safe disposal of cancer-causing radioactive waste.
“Malaysia’s reputation is once again put on the line by allowing a foreign company to continue to generate toxic radioactive waste which nobody wants in their backyard. A team consisting of high calibre legal counsels has just been formed. We will explore avenues to take either the Government and/ or Lynas to the court in the interest of the public.” Mr Hon revealed.

“We trust our own independent experts, both local and international. They are professionals with strong ethics and have provided their advice and expert opinions purely in the interest of the public. Like us, they could not comprehend why a beautiful country like Malaysia is letting Lynas exploit it so blatantly.” Mr Tan concluded.

For further comments, please contact:
Mr Tan Bun Teet - Hp: +60 179 730 576
Mr Hon Kai Ping - +60 112 544 7356


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  2. Another useful research commentary by Goddard. Goddard was pro-nuclear and yet he saw it fit to debunk one of mit's research that 1mSv / year radiation is safe after a nuclear disaster. A lot of research links and paper showing how chromosomes are adversely affected even at much lower exposure.

  3. Another excellent presentation by Goddard in support of the LNT model. Anyone looking at this model and still claim with a straigth face that low level radiation is benign is either lying or sick in the mind. Again we must remember that Goddard is a pro-nuclear advocate.