Monday, 25 February 2013

SMSL's Court Cases

Coming up court cases in March:

8.3.13 :- Hearing of appeal in court of appeal in relation to transfer proceedings ( Lynas' appealing);

18.3.13 :- Recusal application in Kuantan High Court. (AG's chambers has asked for a postponement as they said the date is not suitable).


  1. SMSL has almost completed their mission in delaying LAMP plant production up to GE 13.
    SMSL will go down in Malaysia history for the hard work and great endurance. And even Lynas investors shall respect SMSL as a smart fighter although they must hate SMSL very much for the delay, causing their share price falling so much, now around AUD 0.60 from AUD 2.0 in Aug 2011!
    If GE13 can be clean and come true soon, the people shall decide the fate of Lynas LAMP in Gebeng, as indicated in PR manifesto!
    In short, it's no need to wait for High Court judgement! The people shall be the ultimate judge,

  2. Loke, boring comment.

    Lynas share price fall is mainly due to market price of rare earths falling since highs in 2011 as a result of Chinese export restrictions. Rare earths prices were up by 1100%.

    Its the rakyat that will end up hating SMSL because no one likes liars, and that is what SMSL has continually done. Lynas is safe and meets all environmental requirements and this is supported by the IAEA who are the experts.

    Do you think a retired maths teacher is an expert on the environment or low level radiation? Answer, no.

    SMSL failed to stop the plant, the opposition is unlikely to get in GE13 , and even if the opposition wins they won't be able to stop the plant. The most they will do will have a review of the plant conditions and then confirm what everyone except SMSL already know, that is, Lynas is safe.

    SMSL is confined to the annals of a shameful and ignorant time in Malaysian history.

  3. Anwar has changed sides SMSL supporters will lose their court battle and have to pay huge damages for the lies they have spread. The rakyat now support Lynas and have desserted SMSL leaving them to the fate of the courts.