Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Qoute from SMSL Chairperson, Mr. Tan Bun Teet

We attended the court event yesterday. It was supposed to be a hearing on our application for discoveries of documents from Lynas on our defamation case.

When our lawyers emerged from the chambers in such quick time we knew something must be amiss and true enuf we were told that the court could not proceed with the hearing as all documents on the case in transit from KL High Court to here are not 'available'!

This is truly the only Bolehland in Asia!

Now our lawyers have to fotocopy again all those documents submitted to the courts since the inception of the case and attend a management meeting on the 22nd March before the court decides on a date for the hearing on our application.

This and the appeal hearing by Lynas in objecting to the transfer in the appellate court will have to be disposed of first b4 the defamation suit can begin.

Almost all our court cases will see their proper hearings only after GE13. The most crucial one will be the JR hearing and it is only appropriate for me to gently remind all involved in the JR case that before the court makes its decision on whether LAMP is safe or otherwise, it will be sub judice for us to claim or say that the Oeko report showed that LAMP is not safe!

Similarly should you find any of the Ministers or even Nick make statements to allude to the safety of LAMP pls help to send us the report or link. We can use that against the govt and Lynas in our JR case.


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  1. Perhaps SMSL would be better off fighting to improve education. If you can't even spell correctly how can you ever hope to understand nuclear physics. The end of the road for SMSL is fast approaching and no evidence of pollution or any other problem with Lynas is available.