Tuesday, 6 November 2012



  1. WRONG.. I saw poster Kuantan people are not stupid.

    They are stupid if the believe anything Fuziah and SMSL are preaching.

    All the newspapers in Malaysia have ridiculed SMSL and Fuziah. They have made apologies to the community about the previous lies and mistruths spread by these ignorant activists.

    The SMSL are clutching at straws dragging up old footage of protesters. But we all know the previous protesters have become more informed and the current SMSL protesters numbers are almost nothing, We have sent his in all the recent attendances at court, protests etc.

    SMSL dying a slow and lonely death. As they should.

    They are anti-Malaysian and have been lying to the people of Kuantan!

  2. Rocky doesnt like SMLS or the black witch Fuziah

  3. Chuck Norris doesn't like Fuziah or SMSL and wants to do a flying spin kick to their heads.

  4. King of malaysia does not like fuziah or tan. King says that they call him a LIAR. You cannot call King of Malaysia a LIAR. SMSL is calling KING of MALAYSIA a LIAR. Very Disgraceful people smsl and fuziah. Fuziah will not have a job after this election. Fuziah will try to get a job at LYNAS.

  5. And the Polis will be there too - taking photos of those who may be guilty of TREASON when the rakyat realises SMSL have lied to them on purpose for all this time

  6. Same picture of crowd, There will be NO people at court except for LIARS from smsl. They will also get there day in court. Tan is not in the country, He is leaving because he knows he is LIAR about SAFE LYNAS. KING of MALAYSIA says LYNAS is safe and will help make jobs, Very beneficial for country of Malaysia, KING of MALAYsia says it will be. King does NOT LIE. SMSL LIES !

  7. SMSL has provided all its information to the court. The court found that information wanting. Didn't say "rhetoric and baseless" but the decision against SMSL is very severe. At last the lies and mistruths have been labelled as such in a court of law.

  8. BYE BYE SMSL... This will be the last we see of you LIARS.

  9. Interesting fact is there are several SMSL members who are share holders of Lynas including MR Tan Bun Teet and were at the lynas AGM.
    Why are you holding shares in a company you say you want to drive out of Malaysia Mr Tan Bun Teet?
    Good to see the share price has rebounded strongly and Mr tan has a made a profit. You are going to need that profit to pay the Lynas court costs that were awarded against you and believe me there will be a lot more of that to come
    You hypocrite!