Monday, 23 April 2012

Lynas has the right to sue, but Malaysians have the right to a safer environment

Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh
KUANTAN, 23 April 2012 – Malaysians will not challenge the rights of Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) to sue, but they will defend their rights to live in a safer environment.

According to Kuantan MP, Fuziah Salleh  the anti-Lynas group will soldier on because this is a matter of life and death. “If we continue to allow the plant to continue on with its operations, there is no guarantee that it will be safe from contamination of the radioactive waste she said.

“No industry is one hundred percent efficient and accidents caused by human errors, do happen, whether you like it or not. Even the most advanced plants have been known to contaminate the environment. For example, the Bhopal disaster involving Union Carbide had killed thousands of people living in the area. UNOCAL,  rare earth refinery plant similar to Lynas reported of 60 incidence of leakages involving radioactive waste to the amount of 600,000 US Gallons being discharged into the ground and contaminating the environment in late 1990s in Southern California.”

As a foreign investor, Lynas, she added, should be concerned about the environment which it seeks to operate in. “Nick Curtis should realize that,  in his own country, the best practice for a rare earth refinery is to be located in a sparsely populated area where the water table is deep below the ground level” she said. “Why, in our homeland, should he think that he can get away by setting up the plant within the district of Gebeng, with a resident population of at least 10,000 within the 5 km radius of the plant?”

Commenting further on the issue, Fuziah said that as prime minster, Najib Razak should be concerned about the Lynas issue, since it was first raised a few months ago, despite the plant located in Gebeng, which is just about 50 kilometres away from Najib’s own constituency of Pekan.

“Is he not concerned?” she asked, citing the way Najib had responded to press enquiries about the Scorpene deal. “This appears to be his style of handling issues. Whenever he is involved in something unpopular, he prefers to remain silent. Malaysians will interpret this as his way of condoning the Lynas project.”

Fuziah said with the Himpunan Hijau 3.0 to be organised in conjunction with Bersih 3.0 on April 28, Malaysians from all walks of life will send a clear message to Nick Curtis, Najib and the entire Barisan Nasional government that “we do not welcome any industry that could potentially risk the lives of Malaysians.”

Fuziah Salleh
MP Kuantan, Malaysia.


  1. ..."we do not welcome any industry that could potentially risk the lives of Malaysians.???

    EVERY industry has potential to risk lives of Malaysians. Building the Petronas Towers had the risk of killing Malaysian (and a few even died, many were injured).

    Petronas Petroleum chemical waste has the potential to harm Malaysians in the long term and the short term.. where are the protests??

    E-waste being sent to landfill has the potential to harm Malaysian lives.

    Clinical waste from hospitals has the potential to harm Malaysian lives.... EVERY INDUSTRY!! A FACT!

    I am really disappointed in the hypocritical and biased (AND POLITICAL) anti-Lynas campaigned. It is so flawed and its an embarrassment to other Malaysians at the Anti-Lynas ignoramce and scaremongering. Shame anti-Lynas and Fuziah, Shame.

    1. Who the hell says LYNAS will "potentially harm" Malaysians?

      Read the report

      It outlines LYNAS is hardly anywhere close to the harm of previous substandard plants in Malaysia.

      Also - Australians are accountable for their actions unlike some countries who hide radiation/toxic waste issues.

      Will all Malaysians STOP BEING SO GULLIBLE. You are treating LYNAS as if it was some American company that exploits a third world. All LYNAS will do is create jobs and wealth for Malaysia having paid $50 Million for the License.

  2. I also see no problems with AMERICAN business when it comes to Malaysia.

    Why have you not complained about substandard wages to these capitalistic mongrel American bastards? Why are your children working ridiculous shifts to make in the electrical companies or in their oil/gas refineries?

    Are you aware they are paying your people an empty peanut shell compared to what they would pay a white man?

    Enjoy being sued. I hope you sell those damn ugly t-shirts and bags to pay for the legal costs as well.

    You have fabricated lies to present fear to your people. Your group is disgusting and will impede Malaysia's future progress.

    Sell your souls to the Americans but when it comes to your nearest partner, the only Country that can fight with you in War, you digress to being nothing short of biased lying scums.

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