Friday, 20 April 2012

Contamination predicted at Lynas Malaysian rare earth plant

 17 April 2012              working globally for a toxic free future

 “Environmental contamination from the Lynas Malaysian plant is inevitable. Radiation, groundwater, atmospheric and river pollution are our key concerns. This refinery would be unlikely to be approved if it were proposed in Australia” National Toxics Network (NTN) said today.

These findings feature in a new research report released today. The report assesses the potential emissions from the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant already under construction in Kuantan, Malaysia.

“Close scrutiny of company documents and international literature demonstrates that the plant is about to commence operations in an inappropriate location. There are inadequate engineering controls and pollution from the plant will be inevitable,” said the report’s author Lee Bell.

“The refinery site is swampy, unstable, and subject to monsoonal flooding which raises major concerns for radioactive waste disposal,” Mr Bell said.

“It will be practically impossible to control the radioactive waste under these conditions. The site receives 3 metres of rainfall a year and only 1 metre of evaporation”.

“The waste disposal areas will flood and drain into the Balok River carrying radioactive contamination. There are already reports that the tailings ponds are flooded and production hasn’t even started yet.’ Bell said

 ‘The Malaysian regulators appear to have applied the poorest waste-water regulations. They will allow significant contamination of the Balok River. Many of the chemicals that will be released to the river are not even identified in the regulations.”

“These lax environmental controls would prevent this refinery receiving approval in Australia. Why aren’t Malaysian citizens and their environment entitled to the same protection as Australians?’ Bell concluded.


  1. You guys are idiots. Why would LYNAS endanger people as well as risk being sued for millions. Shut the fuck up and stop making incorrect statements you idiots

  2. Also enjoy coming up with the money when you get sued for all the misleading garbage your site publishes.

  3. You get Lee Bell who is nothing but an Activist who lives in a recycled home?!

    Seriously no engineering background from this guy other than accusations and allegations. Just what you expect from Anti-Lynas cohorts who continue to mislead and misrepresent Malaysian people.

    Such petty nonsense.

    1. Lee Bell is a well recognised researcher in Australia. He holds a Master Degree in Ecological Sustainable Development. He has lectured in Murdoch and Curtin University in Ecology and Human Health and Waste related issues. His publish on environmental justice was reported in the UN Commissioned Report.
      And who are you?

    2. What engineering background has he got to say LYNAS's plant is dangerous? Has he been to the plant?

      Once again you sad protesters - you WILL BE SUED and you will LOSE EVERYTHING. Are you aware of this? Your future is finished.

      You pick at anything and make misleading and deceiving stories. Your own Government thinks you are safe and granted the License.

      Are you saying your own Government doesn't care about you?

      LYNAS ia creating jobs in your country, it pays better than what an average Malaysian earns. It paid your Government $50 MILLION! Go to your Government and ask that your community receives some of the benefits.

      That is what you sad lot should be protesting.

    3. Yes, Malaysian government DOESN'T care about its citizens, moron!

    4. Roger Arts, you paid to help Lynas? Lynas doesn't have a single proof on its safety. It didn't consult the local people on building a rare earth plant within an area with 700,000 people staying in. Lynas's speculation on radiation levels is based on what? Computer generated simulation? Some calculation? By the way on jobs, its not going to employ some local professionals, and Lynas will bring in overseas workers for sure. Money is not everything. There is freedom of speech in Malaysia, if we don't stand against Lynas, we will lose everything, and our future is finished. STOP LYNAS, SAVE MALAYSIA

    5. 700,000 people? Is that why your protest groups are only numbered in their 50s ?

      You see - your problem is not about Malaysia. Your propaganda brings the country into it. It is all about your selfish attitude and negative views AND THE LIES PRINTED TO CREATE NEGATIVITY.

      You have been provided assurance of safety by your Government and by LYNAS. Where is the proof there is none?


    6. You are a malaysian? Have you seen the capacity of the government? Of course its not about Malaysia, its about the crappy government and stupid companies like lynas that come to Malaysia. Malaysia doesn't need rare earth plants, it has plenty of resources and wonderful local companies. Oh by the way, LYNAS says its safe eh? Prove it. Lynas has no pilot plant to follow, and no prove that the containment tanks are safe or even exist. The last time the government and some other rare earth company assured us too. But what happened to bukit merah? Even Japan was strike with disaster. Nothing is safe when there is radioactive materials involved. No matter how safe it is, there is always a risk. I don't want to take any risks, neither do the people of Kuantan and Malaysia. The protest groups in 50s? There were 15000 people present during the Himpunan Hijau 2.0 protest, and today more than 75000 people for the Bersih 3.0/ Himpunan Hijau 3.0. One last thing, try to answer this, if Lynas is so safe, why don't you do it in Australia? I believe many Australians won't like seeing their wealth going to Malaysian 'workers' that Lynas is employing.

  4. Unfortunately, all sacrifices are NOT crippling enough 4 change. Knowing that violence awaits all demonstrators is same s driving in2 a brick wall. This is typical of undeveloped countries (Eg: Egypt, Indonesia, Syria etc) Yes, it brings attention but change is too slow compared to the rate of dissatisfaction. Mayb a ONE week nationwide strike of transportation, financial, commercial sector among others will cripple d nation n cause an impact like developed countries? That way, there will b NO casualties.

    1. The only change that is slow is your attititude.

      Do you want to send Malaysia to 3rd World status? Asking for strikes??? How pathetic.

      LYNAS creates jobs for Malaysians. That is why it is called LYNAS MALAYSIA!

  5. Facts for the ignorant (and there's plenty of them here).
    The Lynas plant WAS approved in Australia. Look it up.
    Lynas DO have a pilot plant. You don't build a $500M dollar plant without one.
    There are at least 2 other rare earth plants planned for Australia (Arafura and Alkane) and one in the California USA.
    The radiation will be comparable to background radiation which is all around us. Hence it is safe.
    Independent monitoring of the air and water will confirm the safety of the plant. If it fails, the TEMPORARY operating license will be suspended or revoked.
    Lynas has paid a $50 Million dollar surety to make sure it complies with all regulations.
    If China stops it's rare earth exports (it currently produces 97% of it), then Malaysia's electronics industry, petroleum industry and automotive industry will be severely threatened. Malaysia needs rare earths and once it has the plant, it will give it a major strategic advantage in high tech and green tech industries.

  6. Shall we dump the first batch of waste from the Lynas plant at Roger's home when the time comes. Yes, under the mango tree.