Sunday, 11 March 2012

Gold Coast Kuantan Resort 'll Go Off If Lynas ON

Nanyang press March 08, 2012】: STG group chairman Datuk Dr Alex Tan Siong Seng declared to give up the 30million (latest in Ringgit Malaysia) investment in the new development project - Goal Coast Kuantan Resort which is now under construction at Jalan Beserah, Kuantan if Lynas Malaysia rare earth refinery which is under construction also at Gebeng allowed to operate.

According to him, about 30% of its customers had given up the deposit so far.

He claimed that he would rather lose the RM 3million than the whole! His project can create 500 to 600 working opportunities which 70% of it will be for the local residents compared to Lynas' 300 only.

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