Saturday, 14 January 2012

Lynas Undermining Malaysia's Sovereignty !

 Press statement of the joint press conference January 13, 2012
by Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL) and Stop Lynas Coaltion(SLC) on
Lynas Malaysia rare earth refinery application for pre-operation licence

Earlier today, SMSL and SLC alerted the relevant Ministers responsible for MITI, MOSTI and the Head of AELB and MPK in writing of the serious implications of fast tracking the approval process for the LAMP.

“We are totally shocked by the utter impotency and defensive nature of the Government of Malaysia in accepting Lynas’ Radioactive Waste Management Plan (RWMP) under such poor conditions and with such restricted public review process.” Said Mr Tan Bun Teet, Chairperson of SMSL.

If the government issues the pre-operating licence for the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant under its current proposal as set out in the licence application, Malaysia will not be in compliance with the recommendations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Mr Tan added, “Malaysia will be embarrassed internationally for pushing ahead with such a shonky project against our national interest and the advice of the IAEA.”

SMSL and SLC has requested the Government to:

- release the RWMP document for the purpose of more in-depth analysis and review in the public interest in light of the serious implication of the project.
- extend the time period of the review for another 4 weeks rather than the existing brief 14 days to review a plant widely considered to be the world’s largest rare earth refinery outside China.

Mr Andansura Rabu, Chariperson of SLC questioned Lynas’ arrogance and dishonesty,

“How can a foreign corporation so blatantly undermined Malaysia’s sovereignty by dictating to our Government to restrict public access to the RWMP?”

“In Australia, Lynas would be required by law to make its licensing application available for public scrutiny and working to a timeline set by the Government.”

Lynas has widely publicised its commitment to improve on its performance in this very important but overlooked aspect of the project especially to its shareholders and investors as well as customers.  It has also heavily advertised and publicized its commitment to safety and health issues.

“Clearly, Lynas is not walking the talk in Malaysia.” Added Mr Rabu.

SMSL and SLC reiterated their stance to the Government that as responsible and concern citizens, both groups are compelled to and will do everything possible to stop a repeat of the problems and tragedy of Bukit Merah in Gebeng.

SMSL and SLC appeal to the respective Ministers and Heads of agencies to protect and prioritise Malaysian interest above Lynas’ ambition and to make decision as leaders entrusted by citizens to act with responsibility and professionalism as fellow citizens and as parents.

“SMSL and SLC further added that all that both groups are seeking is a safe and clean future for Malaysia and for our family.”Concuded Mr Tan and Mr Andansura Rabu.

A copy of the letter is attached for media reference.

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