Thursday, 5 January 2012

Lynas Speaks As If They Are in Cohort With The Malaysian Authorities

Press Release
MP for Kuantan
5th Jan 2012.

In a statement dated 5th Jan 2012, Lynas announced that the Malaysian authorities will meet to decide on the issuance of Lynas's temporary pre-operating license by the 30th of January.

Lynas  stated that  MITI had indicated: AELB will meet on the 30th January for a decision on the approval for the pre-operating License. Lynas also stated that the decision by AELB is expected to be tabled to a full session of the Malaysian Cabinet for approval.

I can't help but wonder since when was Lynas appointed the spokesperson for the Malaysian authorities. (MITI and MOSTI has thus so far not made any comments on the date when they will decide on the approval of the pre operating license)

Lynas had only just displayed the documents for a mere three days and the public are still having difficulty accessing and going  through the whole document which up till now is not available online as well as no hard copies has been made available, not even for sale. Lynas also had strictly prohibited the documents to be photographed, either using a camera or other device, giving the excuse of protecting trade secret.

I remember not so long ago  when it was the Malaysian authorities happily parroting everything that Lynas has said.  MITI  reproduced input data from Lynas in official MITI documents without first scrutinising and behaving as spokesperson for Lynas.

Now it's the other way round. Now Lynas is making statements on behalf of MITI and the Malaysian government agencies in a situation when the agencies concerned have been silent.

Considering that Lynas's shares has spiralled down, thus Lynas is desperate to indicate to their shareholders that everything is going smoothly re: the licensing procedures. Lynas is only concerned about their profits, without giving any concern to the safety and health of the people in this country. Lynas also does not have a care about what happens to the Malaysian environment, as Lynas will be able to pack and leave after making their profits at the expense of Malaysia.

I would like to remind Lynas, that the stakeholders and the greater public in Kuantan and Malaysia are the ones who will have a very important say in the approval of the license. And it's time Lynas respects that and behave.

Fuziah Salleh
MP for Kuantan, Malaysia.


  1. Why are you so dishonest in your objections? Lynas has stated that the viewing rooms for the documents are empty see Malaysian Insider. Lynas on its facebook page has answered many of your objections which are provably false. Post the Lynas answers here and answer them yourself.
    Lynas will work with Siemens to provide environmentally sound wind power. Do you have objectiosn to clean energy too?

  2. Dear your damn name here, don't post in anonymously...coward!!!! least Faziah Salleh places her name on what she said!

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