Friday, 25 October 2013

Lynas LAMP: Before & After

A picture speaks a thousand words! Look at these pics: we hired an independent lab to collect some samples of Lynas waste water at the discharge point when it was on slow trial run. We received a full analysis with all relevant data on the sample. When we approached the DOE Kuantan to ask for their sample analysis they turned down our request and said the people "upstairs" instructed them not to release d data they 'had'!

This is how Lynas is taking advantage if our 'god fatherly' protection from our regulatory agencies. It had priced beyond doubt that thru these overflowing discharge if the waste water in the video attached, our river system nearby has served as Lynas ' cheap method of liquid waste disposal system! The receiving point of this discharge is located in a collecting pool along the upstream if the Balok river which eventually empties itself into the South China Sea 5 km away! The environmental costs which the community living nearby had to pay has never been in the focus of Lynas attention.

May we ask where is Lynas' social responsibility as a responsible citizen? All RE operators practiced zero liquid discharge, even in China the random discharge if liquid waste has been reined in. When is the government going to take note of this violation and abuse of our environment?

These two pictures was taken before LAMP was operational:

This three pictures are taken after LAMP has operated for some time:

Before LAMP was operational, the water flowing out from the discharge point was small and slow into the receiving pond that was blue in colour. After LAMP was operational, the volume of water discharged into the pond has increased and even affects the colour of the water in the pond. The following video shows consistent large amount of waste water being discharged into the pond:


  1. So you "received a full analysis with all relevant data on the sample".
    Care to share that evidence? Frankly the photos and film told me nothing. Some were on a clear day, some overcast. Did it rain before the footage or is that actually Lynas waste water.
    I'd like to see the chemical analysis before forming an opinion.

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