Saturday, 11 May 2013

Press statement of Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL)

Stepping Up the Stop Lynas Campaign

Thursday, 10 May 2013

SMSL is moving into a new phase of campaigning to Stop Lynas following the recent successful election of two new members of Parliament and three State Assemblymen in the Kuantan region who have pledged to shut down the Lynas rare earth plant. The overwhelming support from local communities wishing to have the hazardous plant shut down is evident. The convincing and comfortable majority each of the opposition candidates have won will not be possible without the strong support, concerted election campaign and the hope as well as trust placed by the people.

Mr Tan Bun Teet, a spokesperson for SMSL says, “While the election frauds elsewhere are being investigated, SMSL is ready to embark on our post-election strategy keep the Stop Lynas momentum up. Firstly, we have contacted the newly elected representatives of the people seeking a meeting to work out ways to tackle the Lynas problem. We look forward to a strong working partnership.”

“At the very least we expect that there will be some level of transparency to pressure the government to do its job as a regulator and to shut down the plant if pollution and radioactive waste are not managed well.” He adds.

Lynas has announced to the international media that it has started production and yet there has not been any data or information from the government on how it has been monitoring or managing the pollution and the radioactive and toxic waste. A study commissioned by SMSL carried out by the highly reputable German scientific and engineering Oeko Institute has revealed serious deficiencies in Lynas’ pollution and waste management – see summary attached. Oeko is committed to environmentally sustainable technology and has extensive experience tackling radioactive substances and toxic waste issues.

To date Lynas has no safe solution to tackle its expected millions of tonnes of hazardous solid waste, one stream of which is contaminated with radioactive thorium and uranium. Its proposal to turn the waste into road building and construction materials as well as fertiliser is irresponsible and unacceptable. The whole of Malaysia may be exposed to Lynas’ hazards if the BN government gives it the go-ahead.

Another SMSL spokesperson, Haji Ismail Abu Bakar said, “We will be stepping up our effort internationally to reveal the truth about the hazardous Lynas plant in Malaysia. So far all the so-called ‘experts’ presented by the government or Lynas are no expert in the rare earth processing or toxic waste management at all. We have been treated like fools when they should be taking maximum precaution in light of the massive pollution problems seen elsewhere from rare earth processing.”

“Making wild claims that Lynas products will be done with zero harm and the plant is state-of-the-art when they are not will soon backfire because we know for a fact that Lynas has already resulted in serious injuries at its plant.” Continues Haji Ismail.

Lynas is an Australian Corporation depending on the international market to borrow money and to sell its products. To Lynas’ financial backers and especially its customers its rare earth oxides will be processed with the highest environmental safeguards.

“Our future is at stake because the world’s biggest rare earth refinery plant is in our backyard. Our government has failed in its duty of care so far. AELB has earlier promise to monitor the project. Where are the data to date? The government has announced the formation of a monitoring committee as recommended by the Parliamentary Select Committee on Lynas. How can this committee be independent and transparent when its spokesperson is from the University of Pahang which will be getting grants from Lynas for its research?” Asked Mr Tan.

“We have said we will fight till the end to stop Lynas and we will stick to our promise to the people, to our family and the many generations to come who will stand to lose if we do nothing now.” Concluded Mr Tan.


  1. SMSL lies.

    There is data on big billboards in the town and at Lynas facility.

    The OKEO report author has used incorrect assumptions and his report was not peered reviewed and paid by SMSL. The IAEA are the worlds experts and they have reported Lynas as safe.

    Also, you lost the election, you didn't win.

    Have you asked what Petronas does with its radioactive wastes? And the hospitals also have radioactive wastes, what do they do with it?

    SMSL stinking bloody liars.

  2. Lynas is commisioned to produce 20,000 tons of rare earth products/year. Even at the low end of technology, 90% of ore can be turned to useful rare earth products. Yet SMSL claims that there is expected millions of tons of waste produced by Lynas. How can thousands of tons of feed-in materials turn into millions of tons of waste?
    Quote from SMSL: “To date Lynas has no safe solution to tackle its expected millions of tonnes of hazardous solid waste, one stream of which is contaminated with radioactive thorium and uranium.”
    Mr. Tan Bun Teet, a math teacher (and a liar) does not even know how to do math. Lucky for Malaysian students, he is retired :)

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