Sunday, 26 February 2012

You'll Never Walk Alone ! - part 1

This list is expected to be long. more to go, please stay tune.
Please also email to if you wish to share with us yours! 

 -click on each to enlarge -

Kudos to this video maker & all the supporters! 
We appreciate so much for your efforts and feel really touched for the heartening support! Keep up the good work and let's focus : stop Lynas & save Malaysia!


17. by Haen Vee from Ipoh

16. by Haen Vee from Ipoh

15. by Haen Vee from Ipoh 

14. by Daniel Loh, Malaysian at Australia

13. by KenLing Kok, at University Of Minnesota, Twin Cities, US

12. by Yan YehYing

11. Josephine Jackson New Jersey, US

10. by Emma Pham, from New York, US



9. by Trinity Cyv, Malaysian at Melbourne, Australia

 Edward Tiu

7. by Lusen Tang

6. by Lusen Tang 

5. by Cheryl Tan from Klang, Selangor

4. by Mo Kwai Yan from Kuantan

3. by Joan Tee

2. Marnli Teow

1. Marnli Tewo

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