Thursday, 28 July 2011

LATEST EVENT: Turun Kampung: Sungai Lembing!

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It's 'Turun Padang'...ermm, i mean, 'Turun Kampung' time again. This round we are going to head down to Sungai Lembing to enjoy the fresh air & home-style cooking while sharing with the town folks about how radioactive wastes will affect their lives. We are armed with hundreds (if not, thousands!) of flyers and are ready to enlighten everyone there. So get ready Sungai Lembing! Here we come! 

Turun Kampung☢Sungai Lembing 31/7/2011 SUN 醒觉活动☢林明Distribute flyers to raise public awareness about [The Dangers Of Radioactive Waste]

7:30 ~ 8:30am - Breakfast (self-paid) at Sg. Lembing food court
8:30 ~ 9:30am - Distribute Flyers around Morning Market
9:30am – Distribute Flyers at near by Kampung

Note: For those who wish to join the Save Malaysia gang to watch the sunrise at the peak Bukit Panorama, please be at the foothill at 5.30am. (... I know, sleep is nice. But good things come to those who wake up early!)
( Own Transport ! HOTLINE :012 9823302 )

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