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JULY 30, 2017

Press Statement by Save Malaysia Stop Lynas on recycling of the so-called Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) in Balok, Pahang waste residue into an industrial by-product being marketed as soil conditioner under the name “Condisoil”.

We note with interest all announcements by Lynas on their efforts to recycle LAMP residue into a commercial industrial byproduct called Condisoil.

Due to our proximity to the area and our constant research we believe this is an attempt by Lynas to avert their obligation from building a Permanent Disposal Facility (PDF) as recommended by the IAEA Committee in 2011.

This issue is highly technical and requires extensive research on our part and we implore our fellow malaysians and members of the media to take time, understand the technical details and warn the public of the health and environment hazards involved.

In short Lynas Malaysia is attempting to avoid/escape the construction of a PDF by marketing its waste products as soil conditioner and other industrial products by claiming the radiation output of its waste is “intrinsically low”.

They have grossly misinterpreted a report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report in their efforts to escape their obligation and below is a detailed explanation of our claims:
Here are the facts:

1. In 2014, when the TOL needed to be renewed, Lynas in its 4th Quarterly activities report submitted to ASX on 31 July 2014 under the heading ‘Synthetic Mineral Products Program’, ‘Road base material developed from WLP has been certified by the AELB as non-radioactive material and the Company is preparing to seek Malaysian DOE approval for construction of a demonstration and assessment road using this material.’

‘The Company ,it continued, has gained approval from a customer and is preparing to make the first commercial trial export of NUF. Negotiations are ongoing for further commercial shipments. Lynas has also finalized the specifications for three granulated products for use in broad-acre trials.’
Unknown to all, in April 2014 The Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences, has published a paper on an attempt by UKM to extract Thorium from WLP in a Digestion Study. The paper was published under the heading ‘ Digestion Study of Water leach Purification (WLP) residue for possibility of Thorium extraction.’ The success rate was merely 5%.

In the paper WLP was found to contain Thorium concentration of 1952.9 mg/kg Uranium 17.2 mg/kg. According to Lynas over 99% of thorium in the feed lanthanide concentrate is removed to WLP and through calcination at temperatures up to 600 degrees C. The Thorium concentration in WLP of 1952.9ppm has a radioactivity of 7.98 Bq/g which was higher than what Lynas officially declared of 6 1 Bq/g, therefore it needs to be considered for regulatory control as the radioactive residue.

In the face of this scientific report, it defies one’s imagination to believe what was ‘dished out’ above by Lynas on claims that AELB certified road base material developed from WLP is non-radioactive!

2. On Dec 18 2016, it was reported by the that the Vice president of Lynas Malaysia, Datuk Mashal Ahmad said that UPM and MARDI was running field tests on a soil conditioner that was derived from its WLP residue. Its CEO Ms Amanda Lacaze said LAMP produces 3 solid residues two (NUF & FGD) of which are non radioactive while WLP has ‘very low radioactivity.’

It is true that NUF and FGD residues have concentrations of U< 0.0062 Bq/g and Th < 0.002 Bq/g , falling below the threshold of 1 Bq/g thus are non radioactive. They were officially discharged from regulatory control by AELB on 17th Oct 2013 but are still controlled as ‘scheduled waste’ in terms of environmental regulation. Thus they fall under the purview of DOE.
In our interactions with officers from DOE we were made to understand that Condisoil was made from FGD and NUF and it does not contain WLP residue as it is still under regulatory control by AELB.

On 27 July 2017 Lynas released a statement on Condisoil and no details on its composition or formulations were provided except the frequencies these different samples were submitted to SIRIM.
This statement only appeared after the Minister of MOSTI remarked that he agreed with the MP of Kuantan that ‘Lynas has jumped the gun’ as Condisoil is still in the research process. Further in his reply he revealed that the composition of the Condisoil is made up of 1 part WLP; 2 parts NUF and 7 parts FGD in the ratio of 1:2:7! The results of the safety confirmation test will only be known at the end of August.

The question that ought to be pertinently asked is why all these differing contradictory statements from the parties involved? Any discerning individual will conclude that the real issue behind is the insoluble problem of finding a suitable site for PDF and have it constructed according to international practice.

There are many other examples on how Lynas tried to argue that the PDF is not necessary. As an example they ‘quoted ‘ from the IAEA review report that the radiation produced in LAMP is intrinsically low while the review report said the team found that radiation exposure to the ‘PUBLIC’ is intrinsically low.’

We have tried in many past occasions to initiate positive engagements with Lynas Malaysia to seek explanations on issues of grave concern to the residents of Kuantan but were met with outright haughty refusal , the latest being an attempt to provide them a platform to explain their plan to recycle the solid wastes.

The IAEA review report recommended that Lynas be encouraged to maintain an ongoing, proactive approach to relations with the fullest possible range of stakeholders, including active opponents of the plant, keeping a low threshold for engagement and ensuring maximum transparency to address continuing widespread misconceptions.’ They have obviously overlooked this.
In the absence of trust and respect for all the stakeholders in Kuantan, Lynas’ attempt to pull a wool over the residents’ eyes on the recycling narrative will one day destine to meet its karma.

Issued by
Save Malaysia Stop Lynas steering Committee
29th July 2017

Thursday 27 July 2017

KUALA LUMPUR: Sirim is yet to give the green light for condisoil, a soil conditioner derived from residue produced by the the rare earth plant run by Lynas.

Science, Technology and Innovations Minister Datuk Seri Wilfred Madius Tangau said Sirim has not completed its test on the condisoil.

He said Lynas has jumped the gun in stating that Sirim has given safety confirmation for its condisoil.

"I agree that Lynas has jumped the gun as the test is still underway.

"It is better to leave it to Sirim to complete its work and let the Environment Department announce the results," Wilfred told Fuziah Salleh (PKR-Kuantan) in the Dewan Rakyat today during Question Time.

Fuziah said Lynas had in its email to the Save Malaysia; Stop Lynas chairman stated that "the condisoil is non-toxic, non-radioactive".

"I think this is jumping the gun as you said the test is still underway," she told Madius.

Wilfred said Lynas has appointed Sirim as the condisoil standard certification consultant.

"As of now the safety confirmation test is still being conducted by Sirim. The final report will be released by end of August," he said.

It was reported that Lynas said the Atomic Energy Licensing Board and Nuclear Malaysia has confirmed that the condisoil is non-radioactive and that Sirim has confirmed it to be non-carcinogenic and non-ecotoxic.

Rare earth mining company Lynas Corporation hopes to process residue from its production operations for commercial use next year.

In an interview last year, Lynas Malaysia Sdn Bhd vice-president Datuk Mashal Ahmad had said 211,454 metric tonnes of residue are being stored at its advanced material plant and it is collaborating with two institutions to turn the waste into material for use in agriculture.

He said Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Develop­ment Institute (Mardi) is running field tests on a soil conditioner that was derived from its water leach purification (WLP) residue.

"Researchers from both institutes have tested this conditioner, called "Condisoil", on various crops including corn, kenaf, paddy, coconut and cattle-grass.

"After two harvest seasons, the initial results are amazing, with the growth rate of the plants doubled using Condisoil," he said.

Tuesday 25 July 2017

UPDATE: Lynas 'condisoil'

Jawapan Menteri jelas membuktikan bahawa CEO Lynas berbohong apabila beliau buat kenyataan bahawa 'condisoil' dari Lynas telah mendapat kelulusan SIRIM

Soalan saya untuk sesi MQT (Minister Question Time) pada hari ini 25/7/2017 adalah di rujuk.

Soalan saya berbunyi :

1) Puan Hajah Fuziah Salleh (Kuantan) Minta MENTERI Sains, Teknologi dan Innovasi (MOSTI) menjelaskan berkenaan kenyataan Lynas pada 19hb July 2017 bahawa mereka telah berjaya mencari kaedah untuk mencipta 'condisoil' daripada residue kilang Lynas yang telah mendapat pengesahan keselamatan dari SIRIM.

CEO Lynas, Amanda Lacaze telah membuat kenyataan bahawa 'condisoil' dari residue Lynas telah mendapat kelulusan SIRIM sewaktu majlis rumah terbuka Hari Raya anjuran Lynas dan kenyataan tersebut telah mendapat liputan media tempatan.

Akan tetapi jawapan Menteri MOSTI tadi menjelaskan bahawa kajian keselamatan oleh SIRIM masih dijalankan dan dijangka berakhir pada penghujung bulan Ogos.

Maka mana mungkin pihak SIRIM telah meluluskan 'condisoil' tersebut, sekiranya kajian keselamatan masih di jalankan. Malah Menteri juga bersetuju bahawa CEO Lynas telah 'jump the gun' dengan kenyataan tersebut.

Justeru itu saya ingin memberi amaran kepada Amanda Lacaze dan Lynas supaya jangan bermain dengan isu yang melibatkan keselamatan rakyat. Kami warga Kuantan bukan bodoh yang boleh dikelabui mata dan di mainkan sewenangnya oleh initiatif perhubungan awam pihak Lynas.

Ada banyak lagi yang Lynas patut buat dari segi keselamatan awam seperti mengenalpasti tapak PDF ( Permanent Disposal Facility) yang sehingga kini masih belum dikenalpasti, walaupun ianya wajib dikenalpasti dalam tempoh 10 bulan TOL (Temporary Operating License) keatas Lynas di keluarkan pada September 2012. Juga syarat yang di kenakan ialah Lynas wajib kenalpasti PDF walaupun ada pelan alternative untuk residue Lynas, seperti kitar semula dan sebagainya.

Jangan ingat apabila Lynas menanam pokok di Kuantan, ianya terus menjadikan Lynas satu industri hijau. Juga jangan ingat apabila Lynas beri sumbangan kepada orang miskin, itu terus menunjukkan Lynas mempunyai sifat bertanggungjawab. Warga Kuantan tidak sebodoh itu untuk terus dipermainkan

Berbohong didalam sidang media ialah satu jenayah Corporate kepada awam. Ianya menunjukkan bahawa syarikat tersebut tidak bertanggungjawab dan tidak boleh dipercayai. Syarikat tersebut ialah Lynas Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd.

Hajah Fuziah Salleh
Ahli Parlimen Kuantan
Parti Keadilan Rakyat
Pakatan Harapan

MQT- Minister Question Time

Sidang Dewan Rakyat 25 Julai 2017 (sesi pagi)

Soalan saya berbunyi

1) Puan Hajah Fuziah Salleh (Kuantan) Minta MENTERI Sains, Teknologi dan Innovasi (MOSTI) menjelaskan berkenaan kenyataan Lynas pada 19hb July 2017 bahawa mereka telah berjaya mencari kaedah untuk mencipta 'condisoil' daripada residue kilang Lynas yang telah mendapat pengesahan keselamatan dari SIRIM.

Jelas daripada jawapan Menteri bahawa CEO Lynas Amanda Lacaze telah berbohong didalam sidang medianya dimana beliau menbuat kenyataan bahawa 'condisoil' ataupun soil conditioner yang di buat dari sisa kilang Lynas telah mendapat kelulusan SIRIM

Jawapan Menteri menyatakan bahawa kajian keselamatan masih lagi dijalankan.
Mana mungkin dah dpt kelulusan SIRIM sekiranya masih buat kajian

Wednesday 19 July 2017

Tuesday 18 July 2017

Sin Chew Newspaper (19/07/2017)

In today's SinChew.

If you can read Chinese, then you will believe that they have successfully turned the radioactive waste WLP into the product called 'Condisoil'!

Is this a Nobel prize winning feat or a mere PR stance to fool the uninformed?

We will explain to you the details of Lynas' recycling of the 'wastes' produced at LAMP this coming Sunday at Pusat Komuniti DUN Semambu.

Make sure you attend so that you can hear both sides of the story and you will know if Lynas needs to build the PDF.

See you at 2 pm at the DUN Semambu Community Centre on 23rd July 2017( Sunday)