Wednesday 3 August 2011

LATEST ANNOUNCEMENT: SMSL Police Report against Lynas based on the New York Times article, 'Fear of A Toxic Rerun'

On the 3rd of August, 2011. Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas! made a police report against Lynas based on the New York Times article titled, 'Fear of A Toxic Rerun' by Keith Bradsher (29th of June, 2011). Read all about it here. The article highlighted the incompetence of Lynas Corporation in its construction of its Lynas Advanced Materials Plant in Gebeng, Kuantan. It specifically emphasized engineering inadequacies that might jeopardize the structural integrity of the plant & therefore compromising its own operational & industrial safety standards. 

Below is the excerpt of the police report made by Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas!, in Bahasa Malaysia (prepared by Rahiza):

Pada lebih kurang 10 pagi 1/7/2011. Saya telah membaca satu artikel daripada New York, bertarikh 29/6/2011 yang bertajuk “ The Fear of Toxic Rerun” .
Berita tersebut menyebut bahawa sebuah kilang yang akan didirikan oleh Lynas Corporation mempunyai kecacatan pembinaan dan rekabentuk yang boleh menyebabkan kebocoran dan akan mengancam alam sekitar.
Saya percaya kilang tersebut adalah kilang LAMP yang akan dibina do Gebeng Kuantan.

Antara perkara yang membimbangkan yang tersebut dalam artikel itu termasuk
1) “ structural cracks, air pockets and leak in many of the concrete shells for the 70 containment tank”
2) “almost all of the steel piping ordered for the plantis made from standard steel, which they describe as not suitable for the corrosive, abrasive slurry”. Rare earth refinaries in other countries make heavy use of costlier stainless steel or steel piping with ceramic or rubber liners”
3) “concrete tanks were built using conventional concrete, not the much costlier polymer concrete mixed with plastic that is widely used in refinaries in the west to reduce the chance of cracks.”
Saya bimbang jika pembinaan kilang tersebut mempunyai kecacatan and kebocoran seperti yang disebut, keselamatan saya dan keluarga saya akan terancam. Saya berharap pihak polis dapat menyiasat kesalihan perkara yang disebut di artikel tersebut. Dilampir bersama ialah artikel tersebut.